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GPS in Iraq
09 Dec

GPS in Iraq

By: Vareen Azad, Date: 09/12/2018

GPS or GPS innovation in Iraq broadens more distant than only an instrument to assist clients with navigating from areas. With the progression in versatile innovation and portable applications for portability arrangements.

Standing Tech company has completely changed the transportation business in Iraq. They can develop a portable application that can hand you GPS following arrangements that incorporate business-efficacious instruments required by your business and client needs. From your cell phone, you can without much of efforts find your vehicles, adequately plan drivers’ assignments and oversee costs. These highlights are perfect towards running an effective transportation or coordination business without making such a significant number of calls or experiencing cumbersome reports with the end goal to decide. GPS in Iraq following innovation can work for your business and the advantages are unlimited. Standing Tech company with an excellent group and experience offer choice business portability arrangements that will give your coordination business the best versatile experience.

The use of GPS tracking system in Iraq:

GPS tracking as a solution for Supply chain and logistics business in Iraq

If you run a business that operates through a fleet of vehicles, it is essential to have data about the whereabouts of some random vehicle whenever. The most fundamental utilization of GPS in Iraq is to monitor where your vehicles are on the guide. This empowers you to see which vehicle is in motion and towards which bearing. With GPS following innovation, you can screen vehicle speed, courses, motor start up and close down, sitting and courses. You can advise whether the vehicle is heading off to the relegated goal, the courses were taken, and when the vehicle is resting.

In Iraq, GPS now has been a part of supply chain perceptibility, which entails an information system that provides more attentive and detailed tracking details of assets across a whole network. GPS thus profits highly in logistics operations, especially for businesses dealing with fleet vehicles. Businesses that operate with just-in-time principles could find great value in having more exact data on the whereabouts of their vehicles status of orders and much more with GPS.

GPS Tracking system in Iraq specially for Supply Chain Management will benefit the organizations in several ways like:

  • Effective operation of the supply vehicles
  • Inventory management
  • Faster return on investment(ROI) from vehicles
  • Complete & Automated fleet management
  • Reduced Overtime
  • Smooth handling in-turn provides customer references
  • Decreased operational costs
GPS Tracking System Iraq

Moreover, supply chain and logistics in Iraq, GPS devices in Iraq can help decide the time and area of a going back and forth holder or vehicle. The gadget will tell the proprietor or the store network organization manager when in movement without important specialist. The area and the status of your benefit will be naturally put away on the appropriate gadgets and once the cell organize is available, the information gathered will before long be sent to your email or potentially versatile device(s). Both the organization administrator(s) and the law authorization will utilize the GPS framework to follow the benefits progressively. GPS following completely increments higher odds of recuperation of stolen merchandise and trepidation of criminals.

Fleet management in Iraq

Modern GPS business in Iraq allow you to have a constant 2-way communication with your fleet. Many Taxi Companies in Iraq are using GPS to reroute any of the vehicle in the fleet, or to assign a new pick up on the same route,

That will be do so based on the information received from the transportation tracking software. Standing Tech Company can develop tracking app that will have a feature which enable you to notify drivers, who are going the wrong way or warn them against misconduct while on duty.

This feature is all about effective planning and organization. You can cancel a delivery or reprogram a route as well as make other informed decisions based on the vehicle’s location.

Drivers are the backbone of your transportation business. Their safety and well-being must be dominant. GPS technology in Iraq guarantees driver’s safety by testing driving behavior.

GPS in Iraq Driver Safety

None Profit Organizations(NGO) in Iraq are using GPS system

A GPS vehicle following framework is robotized and gives ongoing updates on your remote gadget. This aide in speedy basic leadership. NGOs in Iraq are progressively utilizing GPS trackers to screen the area and status of their staff in the field. At the point when utilized accurately, trackers can enable an association to meet its obligation of consideration commitments and furnish staff in the field with a help in case of a security episode, for example, a jacking. What’s more, in spots where vehicle jacking and robberies are normal, GPS trackers in Iraq can enable associations to follow vehicles and different resources and aid their recuperation. Field information gathering is likewise an indispensable piece of what associations do. GPS gadgets can help catch the correct area of a place and tie it with information about that put. Gathering area of water siphons in a country region, or catching the area of unlawful tree logging and so on should be possible effectively with a handheld GPS gadget.


GPS innovation in Iraq is an unquestionable requirement on the off chance that you possess any transportation or calculated business. It is on the grounds that Standing Tech accompany can provide a plenty of advantages which can possibly change your business comprehensively.

In Iraq, GPS has made the business more proficient than any other time in recent memory and will continue doing it as the innovation enhances over the period.

Along these lines, you should assign a decent piece of cash to send GPS innovation of standard quality as it will dependably be of worth. You can counsel Mobile application advancement organizations to get a thought regarding the expense of application improvement of a GPS following application.


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GPS Tracking Business in Kurdistan Region, Iraq
03 Nov

GPS Tracking Business in Kurdistan Region, Iraq

By: Vareen Azad, Date: 01/11/2018

Tracking vehicles and tools with a GPS device gives fleet managers the chance to develop and improve their business while managing their drivers in the field. The development of GPS was in February 1978 by the United States government, though the history of its invention goes all the way back to the 1940s. the reason of inventing GPS was for military use, GPS tracking is now widely used for things like personal navigation and tracking, as well as for more complex commercial uses like mobile workforce management, asset tracking, and fleet management.

According to VC News Network 2018, The global positioning system (GPS) devices market is estimated to have a stable growth due to the approval of innovative technology across various sectors. The market is expected an assessment of $2.53 billion by 2023, at 11.9 % CAGR between 2017 and 2023 (forecast period).

GPS Tracking Device Market forecast 2016-2023

GPS Tracking Device Market forecast 2016-2023

In Kurdistan, GPS system is growing rapidly. Developers in Kurdistan specially in Erbil tried to improve the development of GPS as a function to allow companies who rely on transportation in their business to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs, providing 100% agreement with government legislation.

There are some few companies in Erbil that provide GPS service. Standing Tech company which is one of the leader in this business that can provide dedicated server for GPS Tracking Software so that assets of the companies will be separated from others for security reasons. Standing tech also implemented 1000 GPS tracking devices in different types of vehicles for different types of business including NGO, Food Distribution, Logistics, etc.

Companies in Iraq and Kurdistan Region mostly using GPS Tracking for Fleet management to track their vehicles and for managing drivers, this helps them to improve driver performance and prevent over-speed. Standing Tech company provides GPS service to benefit customers in many ways like:

Reducing Costs with GPS Tracking

saving businesses money is one of GPS tracking’s most powerful benefits. GPS tracking system can help fleet managers understand important savings across the board, including bargain fuel use, more precise payroll and reduce overtime by:

  • Updating dispatch by quickly locating the vehicle Limiting the personal works by the driver of company vehicles.
  • fuel cost reduction by up to 20% by refining dispatch and routing.

Opportunity identification

GPS tracking devices gives you the chance to identify opportunities to negotiate more savings for your business. You can reduce the operating cost by tracking the provided data that has been delivered by the GPS tracking devices without compromising your fleet’s capability to deliver excellent service. While tracking your vehicles by GPS tracking devices, you can feel assured that you’re making right decisions using dependable data and start focusing on earning new business.

Increasing Revenue

GPS tracking can increase your productivity by 10-20%. When it takes less time to reach a service call, businesses are able to answer more calls every day. And when a business provides fast, quality service, they can depend on more customer referrals that means more demand will be on the project. Also GPS tracking will reduce vehicle downtime and help to prevent costly maintenance, which will retain your drivers working, leading to more revenue for your business.

Reinforce Customer Satisfaction

Customers perceptive is very important in any part of any given business transaction on your operation, from order entry to delivery, communication and timing. Director gives you visibility at every level of the process to help prevent delays or errors to ensure a promising impression and repeat business and that’s by directly respond to customer requests with a precise location of drivers and vehicles and helping in guaranteeing productivity with visions into a driver’s progress on their trip and communication with drivers in real-time with two-way messaging

Having control on the drivers and vehicles

Usually, when drivers start their job, fleet owners had no idea what went on outside their office. And they don’t have the ability to locate the employee location at any given time or could managers ensure that employees only used vehicles for official uses.

Without the management guidance to employees, many employees are not as productive as they should be because unofficial side trips during working hours and unsuitable routing to job sites contribute to nonproductive time on the job.

 Security and real time reports

During the last 4 years, Iraqi people faced a lot of wars and insecurity as having a safe system will let people feel safe by real-time tracking that keeps you aware of your vehicle locations and status information, and historical tracking lets you view a complete history of all tracking sessions documented over time.

Compatible with mobile & screen devices


Because the technology is developing day after day in Iraq and people are using Smartphone and tablets are virally in use these days. Standing Tech company provides GPS system that has amazing features which is compatible mobile phones, tablets, desktop and is as easy to use like other applications on a mobile phone.

How GPS works in Iraq and Kurdistan?

The main functionality of a GPS tracking system derives from the use of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network. This network of satellites produces microwave signals which will be send to GPS devices. These devices can be found in vehicles or smartphones themselves for example. The information that is send from the vehicle and this information are location, route, speed and direction.

In respects to vehicle GPS tracking, or vehicle communication technology, these are the four parts of GPS routing:

How GPS Tracking Working

Vehicle tracking system is becoming important in large cities in Kurdistan and it is more secured than other systems and it can be control easily.

The vehicle can be turned off by only with a simple SMS but the use and development of GPS tracing in Kurdistan is slow due to some points like: the continues problems in political, social, and economic upheavals through 2014, including civil war and the propagation of terrorist attacks which lead to economic crises and raise in cost of assets.

Also while vehicles are moving across countries in Iraq specially Kurdistan, the technical struggles might arise when the line of sight is blocked by trees, not supporting signals or other forms of obstacles. This will lead to the blockage of the reception of these signals so the accuracy problems it’s probably because your location and operator will change and the antenna will have difficulty in picking up or maintaining satellite signal.

The ‘Canyon Effect’ refers to the technical issue which results when tall buildings block the reception of GPS signal. The time and position are calculated according to the time required for the reception of the signal. The transmission of the signal happens at a specific rate. The detectors in GPS units work with accuracy only up to a time-span of 10 nanoseconds. Put in terms of distance, this is about 3 meters. This is the maximum measure of accuracy offered by a standard GPS unit.

Another vital issue is the deviation between and the GPS receiver clock timing and the satellite timing which brings synchronicity to the worldwide GPS system. This causes the time to divert away from the real time. The usage of a highly precise atomic clock can cause the GPS units to become uneconomic. The solution is using Global Positioning Satellites to triangulate the position of the GPS tracking device and determine its exact location.

The difference between domestic and international tracking is not the tracking itself, which involves satellites, but the reporting, which utilizes cellular signals even having need special SIM Cards that the price is not cheap and it works by getting the tracker’s location by just texting the tracker’s sim card phone number from your cellphone number. For example, ping the GPS tracker the GPS tracker will reply to you after few seconds with the google map URL link to you by text, and you can click the link and get the location on the google map. In the development path of technology, nowadays in Kurdistan, many cellular phones have integrated GPS receivers and your smartphone is something that you most likely have on hand at all times. This means it is always available when you need it and you do not have to think about other options that’s why smartphone is a good, reliable option for routing your way through the city by foot or car.

There is also a variety of reliable apps available that are precisely designed for smartphone GPS tracking and for improving smartphone GPS accuracy. Using your smartphone and available smartphone apps is significantly cheaper than buying a new handheld GPS for Iraqi people.


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What is GPS Tracking System?
07 Jan

What is GPS Tracking System?

GPS Tracking System

GPS Tracking system is a set of technologies that used for tracking an object such as person, vehicle, or any asset. Usually its used for tracking and recording information about location, direction and speed of the object.

System Technologies for GPS Tracking

  1. GPS Device: This is an electronic device that consists of GSM module, GPS module, and Computing UNIT. They can send and receive signals via antennas to communicate with GPS satellites and GSM tower network for this reason they have antennas that can be external or internal.
  2. GPS Satellite: these are satellites around earth that used for determining object location on earth.
  3. GSM Sim card: most GPS device uses SIM card for communication, this is required to Internet because GPS device should send object location and other information to server via internet.
  4. GPS Server Software: this is the software that receives data from GPS tracking unit and then stores these data into database.

How GPS Device can Track location?

  • The first step starts with GPS device installation and configuration, this includes connecting GPS unit with vehicle wiring system for two purposes: first, connecting GPS with vehicle power, and second, to connect vehicle sensors with GPS inputs.
  • After the GPS tested, the GPS unit should be tested in order to check SIM card and Internet connection.
  • Second step: after GPS unit installed and configured, when the object moved, the GPS device start communicating with GPS satellite to calculate object position on earth in terms of latitude and longitude.
  • Third step: the GPS device can calculate speed of the object by mathematical calculation using basic speed formula (speed = distance / time), once the speed computed, the GPS device start sending speed, location, and other vehicle information to the GPS server software via internet using SIM card GPRS service.
  • Fourth step: The GPS software system will receive the information from GPS device and stores in database, usually, the data recording needs to be organized for each object.
  • Fifth step: Now, user can login to GPS System software to see object tracking, the system consists of maps and some tools to play-back object moving on the map.

GPS Tracking System in Iraq and Kurdistan Region

GPS Tracking System has been used in Iraq and Kurdistan Region for several purposes: Military and Commercial. According to our research there is no manufacturer inside Iraq and Kurdistan Region for GPS devices, all GPS devices were imported from outside Iraq. We also found that there is no software company inside Iraq that can provide GPS software system as service, current companies depends on manufacturer system software that is free when purchasing GPS from some suppliers.

It should be clarified that GPS tracking service in Iraq and Kurdistan Region is not cheap because of expensive price of Internet packages from Telecommunication companies (Asia Cell, Korek Tel, and Zain), as we described above, GPS device internet is based on SIM card GPRS service for communicating with Server Software, for this reason, the cost for one GPS unit for one year might vary between ($150 to $350). The expensive price is not only the first limitation, the mobile network carriers limited the SIM card that used for DATA service as they disabled other services such as SMS and voice. This limitation disables the two-way communications between GPS device and System Software as its requires sometimes to send some commands to the GPS tracking unit.

Benefits of GPS Tracking System

  1. GPS for Companies: the advantages are more that depends on the GPS tracking system functionalities and reports. For example: GPS Tracking system can be used for Fleet Management, Asset Tracking, or just Vehicle Position and Speed Tracking. The complete system can be found in Fleet management system that includes driver management, vehicle management, and detailed reporting helps management to manage large fleet effectively in terms of performance and economic.
  2. GPS for personals: The main advantage is security of individuals, this is mainly used for tracking kids and some persons that are not normal (some people that are sick that lost control).
  3. Asset Tracking: GPS tracking device can be installed inside important assets or shipped boxes for security reasons.


As we outlined some important points about GPS tracking system, it should be highlighted also that Government of Iraq and Kurdistan Region not took benefit from GPS tracking systems so good, as we believe that all vehicles belongs to Government should include GPS tracking unit for security reasons, in addition, they should also develop a special system for tracking solders and important military assets, this helps them to easily track lost solders and assets during war.