List of Common Categories (MySQL table, Excel, CSV, PHP, JSON)

The following file contains same content (List of common categories) that are structured to departments. You can download any type that you need for your application. MySQL Table: category_mysql_table Excel and CSV: category_csv_xlsx PHP Array: category_PHP_array JSON: category_json Raw Text with PHP file for processing: category_PHP_TXT If you need help to import big data to MySQL table, or, if you […]


Facebook Contact Forms

1. Facebook Confirm Your Identity Facebook accounts are intended for individual use only. Your Timeline must represent your authentic identity and can’t be used to represent anyone or anything else. Please provide the following information so we can confirm that this is your personal account. 2. Facebook Report an Issue with Confirming Your Facebook […]

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Marketing Plan For Web-Based ERP Software

PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Sample Marketing Plan For Web-Based ERP Software By STANDING Tech Research Team / 2015 For Education Purposes Only Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction. 1.1 Goals and Objectives. 1.1.1 Company Goals and Objectives. 1.1.2 Marketing Goals and Objectives. 2.0 Situation Analysis. 2.1 Market Description. 2.1.1 Segment 1: Open Source ERP for developers. 2.1.2 […]


Click-only business in the highly competitive sector of the market

Click-only or pure-click business can be described as new company that conducting business digitally via Internet (online) by using e-commerce system without physical existence as firm (Philip Kotler and Kevin Keller, 2008 p.434) while click-and-mortar or click-and-brick business can be described as company that added new channel for marketing by using e-commerce or nay other […]


Narrowcasting, Nontraditional advertising, and Innovative media technologies

Narrowcasting “Narrowcasting refers to broadcasting to a very narrow range of audience” (Franck Legendre et al., 2008, p.1) from this definition, it’s a communication for limited audience that interested to receive information from a specific source, it includes all media that can be restricted for limited subscribers, by other words, narrowcasting media not broadcasting to […]


Affect on Internet on price considerations for: Airlines, Hotel Reservation, Book Sales

Internet changed more aspects in our life; communication, education, shopping, reading, and many other personal hobbies that came with internet, marketing is also changed, the marketplace changed to market-space (Tapscott Don, 2000), the space that holds infinite different things that everybody can surf it at any time, limitations were also changed; for buying an item […]


Value of branding for both the buyer and the seller

 “Brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers” (American Marketing Association, 2011) the same definition is also valid for describing trade-mark as stated by same author: trade-mark is legal term of brand. Usually, every company must register and […]


Marketing Strategy: Segmentation

Segmentation is the way that large markets can be divided to smaller segments Kotler & Armstrong (2008, p. 185) so that each segments became a target market for offering a customized product that can be identified by customers according to their needs and wants, for example: dividing the market according to ages of customers require […]


Marketing Strategy : Customer Orientation Vs Competitor Orientation

Competition is the usual behavior that occurs between two or more parties, in business, competition is the way that such company provides better value to its products so that it became more popular than other companies. Customers usually choosing best products in the market, in regard to customer satisfaction, “the business unit should set up […]


Consumerism and Environmentalism

Consumerism According to Kotler (2008) Consumerism is increasing power of buyers in relation to sellers via organized movement of people and governmental agencies. While Verdant (2011) describing consumerism as: “Consumerism is a pattern of behavior that helps to destroy our environment, personal financial health, the common good of individuals and human institutions.” The critics of […]


Making money from free

How can companies offering “free” products (e.g., Linux, Netscape) make money from these products? How can other companies compete with these fast-rising standard products? Free products Offering free products is type of promotion that motivates buyers to continue in future with that company that provided free products; there are some facts behind this opportunity: Free […]


The difference between need, want and demand

Need, want and demand are key success factors of marketing, because the main concept of marketing is to provide (need, want) according to demand. NEED Need is a term that used for describing those requirements that exist naturally, for example: we need foods, water, safety, clothing, home, etc. Needs can be classified to different categories: […]


Impacts of cultural environment on marketing of: clothing, software, music recording

Cultural environment is a result of individuals’ behaviors in the society; every place can be identified by their unique culture and some unique behaviors of their individuals. Culture is complex public figure of society that includes most general and some specific behaviors, its environment will influence on everything, for instance, cultural environment will affect of […]

different marketing management orientations

The five different marketing management concepts (orientations)

1. Product Concept This concept is based on product of which the organization creating good quality products and considering that each product chosen by consumers, so that, orientation of marketing is more focusing on operation management for improving products without considering consumers’ satisfaction. This concept usually not based on actual demand of consumers for providing […]


Importance of having a software test coupled with real users’ views

The importance of having a software test coupled with real users’ views of the product at the end of the development effort, even if it is the test of a prototype and not the fully developed software. Usually products will be designed for specific requirements or needs, or for general purposes. Products that designed for […]


Why do we cite the work of others?

Information sharing and knowledge exchange are two effective factors for development process, we can see impacts of them in current state of the world that many impossible things created, and hopefully, this beautiful channel will be continued for next decades also. We can simply conclude that learning from others is something that no one can […]

How GPS Tracking System Works

What is GPS Tracking System?

GPS Tracking System GPS Tracking system is a set of technologies that used for tracking an object such as person, vehicle, or any asset. Usually its used for tracking and recording information about location, direction and speed of the object. System Technologies for GPS Tracking GPS Device: This is an electronic device that consists of GSM […]