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About Standing Tech Company

STANDING Company for Information Technology Services and Trading, is local company that registered in Iraq, Kurdistan Region, Erbil. License Number (21358, 15-12-2014). Our main branch located at Erbil, and we are not belongs to any company outside of Kurdistan region, our engineers are local citizens of Kurdistan Regions and we are stable company with reliable services in all cases.


Delivering best quality of information technology services and solutions.
We dream to build a professional Community in our region! We start the first step and then we do our best to make it happen together!


  • Selecting best available high quality products for solutions that we provide
  • Designing and selecting services and solutions that are environmentally clean
  • Designing something that is compliance with high ethical values and behaviors, we also care about public society


We are STANDING! A group of skilled, experienced, and highly motivated engineers and business analysts to provide best quality of available information technology services and solutions in terms of satisfaction, economy, and environmentally clean/friendly.

Why Choose UsAipsum therefore always

Modern Idea

We always deliver latest technology to our clients, we consider compatibility and future expansion.

Covering All

We are not leaving anything without care! we take care of your business and provide services and solutions that covers all.

Managed Services

We provide latest tools and automated software to manage most of our service and solutions.


As entrepreneurs we have experience figuring out new ways to get things done in professional way.

Solving Problems

We design our solutions that based on your problems, not just providing global solutions that might not fit!

Service Consistency

Consistency is our reliable measurement of total quality for our services! we also build our trust with our customers based on consistency!

Service Availability

We provide 24x7 Support Service Availability to our customers.


We consider Security from starting point to delivery, we focus on Data Integrity for to protect from unauthorized access

Supporting Always!

We are not looking for Revenue always! we considered our economic collapse in Kurdistan Region!