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What is GPS Tracking System?
07 Jan

What is GPS Tracking System?

GPS Tracking System

GPS Tracking system is a set of technologies that used for tracking an object such as person, vehicle, or any asset. Usually its used for tracking and recording information about location, direction and speed of the object.

System Technologies for GPS Tracking

  1. GPS Device: This is an electronic device that consists of GSM module, GPS module, and Computing UNIT. They can send and receive signals via antennas to communicate with GPS satellites and GSM tower network for this reason they have antennas that can be external or internal.
  2. GPS Satellite: these are satellites around earth that used for determining object location on earth.
  3. GSM Sim card: most GPS device uses SIM card for communication, this is required to Internet because GPS device should send object location and other information to server via internet.
  4. GPS Server Software: this is the software that receives data from GPS tracking unit and then stores these data into database.

How GPS Device can Track location?

  • The first step starts with GPS device installation and configuration, this includes connecting GPS unit with vehicle wiring system for two purposes: first, connecting GPS with vehicle power, and second, to connect vehicle sensors with GPS inputs.
  • After the GPS tested, the GPS unit should be tested in order to check SIM card and Internet connection.
  • Second step: after GPS unit installed and configured, when the object moved, the GPS device start communicating with GPS satellite to calculate object position on earth in terms of latitude and longitude.
  • Third step: the GPS device can calculate speed of the object by mathematical calculation using basic speed formula (speed = distance / time), once the speed computed, the GPS device start sending speed, location, and other vehicle information to the GPS server software via internet using SIM card GPRS service.
  • Fourth step: The GPS software system will receive the information from GPS device and stores in database, usually, the data recording needs to be organized for each object.
  • Fifth step: Now, user can login to GPS System software to see object tracking, the system consists of maps and some tools to play-back object moving on the map.

GPS Tracking System in Iraq and Kurdistan Region

GPS Tracking System has been used in Iraq and Kurdistan Region for several purposes: Military and Commercial. According to our research there is no manufacturer inside Iraq and Kurdistan Region for GPS devices, all GPS devices were imported from outside Iraq. We also found that there is no software company inside Iraq that can provide GPS software system as service, current companies depends on manufacturer system software that is free when purchasing GPS from some suppliers.

It should be clarified that GPS tracking service in Iraq and Kurdistan Region is not cheap because of expensive price of Internet packages from Telecommunication companies (Asia Cell, Korek Tel, and Zain), as we described above, GPS device internet is based on SIM card GPRS service for communicating with Server Software, for this reason, the cost for one GPS unit for one year might vary between ($150 to $350). The expensive price is not only the first limitation, the mobile network carriers limited the SIM card that used for DATA service as they disabled other services such as SMS and voice. This limitation disables the two-way communications between GPS device and System Software as its requires sometimes to send some commands to the GPS tracking unit.

Benefits of GPS Tracking System

  1. GPS for Companies: the advantages are more that depends on the GPS tracking system functionalities and reports. For example: GPS Tracking system can be used for Fleet Management, Asset Tracking, or just Vehicle Position and Speed Tracking. The complete system can be found in Fleet management system that includes driver management, vehicle management, and detailed reporting helps management to manage large fleet effectively in terms of performance and economic.
  2. GPS for personals: The main advantage is security of individuals, this is mainly used for tracking kids and some persons that are not normal (some people that are sick that lost control).
  3. Asset Tracking: GPS tracking device can be installed inside important assets or shipped boxes for security reasons.


As we outlined some important points about GPS tracking system, it should be highlighted also that Government of Iraq and Kurdistan Region not took benefit from GPS tracking systems so good, as we believe that all vehicles belongs to Government should include GPS tracking unit for security reasons, in addition, they should also develop a special system for tracking solders and important military assets, this helps them to easily track lost solders and assets during war.


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