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28 Feb

Role Of Website In Digital Marketing For Every Business

A business or online marketing website is critical in identifying key areas that drive your business optimization strategy. Having a website and an online presence strategy allows you to market your business online. Your website is the key to a successful digital marketing strategy, as all other elements of digital marketing direct visitors to your […]

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04 Aug

6 Ways SEO & Web Design Go Together

By: Marie Barnes Date: 04 Aug 2020 Often, SEO specialists are only remembered at the stage of preparing a project for launch after redesign or development. A specialist comes to the “ready” site, forms the necessary corrections. But, suddenly, goes against the concept that the designers used to adhere to. Disagreements between the two directions […]

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27 Feb

Mobile-First Web Design vs. Responsive Web Design

By: Bassel Tibi Date: 27-Feb-20 In this article, we wall talk about two different approaches in Web design domain, the Responsive Web Design and the Mobile-First Web Design. First, we will mention the meaning the feature for each design, then we will do a comparison and state which one is best for your organization, Mobile-first […]

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