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Standing Tech Company as IT Company in Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq provides advanced Information Technology services and solutions. Our skilled IT engineers and software developers can help you to create best software and implement custom Information Technology solutions for your organization.


Custom Services

We are the first IT Company in Erbil, Kurdistan Region, and Iraq that providing the following advanced custom services:


  • Creating custom Information Technology (IT) Management Program.
  • Creating custom Information Technology (IT) Policies (General IT Policies and IT Security Policies for example: Acceptable Use Policy, Group Email Policy, Printing Policy, Network Policy, Disaster Recovery Policy, Password Policy, External Storage Policy).
  • Creating Strategic Information Technology (IT) Plan.
  • Creating Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Creating Information Technology (IT) Risk Analysis and Assessment.
  • Providing Custom Training.
  • Creating Detailed Document for IT project management.
  • Creating Detailed Business Analysis for Information Technology (IT) Requirements.


Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure Services


  • Storage Solutions (Including business storage and disaster recovery)
  • Computing Solutions (On-premises or Cloud)
  • Connectivity Solutions (Internet, Intranet, and Cost-effective Network infrastructure)
  • Server Room Creation.
  • Environmental Monitoring (Temperature, Humidity, Water Leakage)


Operating System Installation


  • Installation of Client Operating Systems and customizing for best use in your organization (Windows 10 and Ubunto).
  • Installation of Server Operating Systems (Windows Servers (2012 R2, 2016, Ubunto Server, CentoOS, Debian, OpenBSD)


Virtualization Solutions


  • Optimizing computing resources by implementing virtualization (Microsoft Hyper-V and VMWare)
  • Virtualization Backup and Replication

Server Room Monitoring

  • Environmental Monitoring (Temperature, Humidity, Smoke, Water Leakage, Air Flow, Security, Motion Detection, etc)
  • Server Uptime Monitoring


Printing Solutions


  • Installing Network printers for multi-user.
  • Implementing Secure Printing.
  • Limiting User (Number of Pages for each user for both Black and White and Color printing)


Email Solutions


  • Providing cost-effective email solutions.
  • Spam protection.
  • Installing Email Clients (Such as Outlook).
  • Designing Custom Email Signature.
  • Bulk email sending filters and control.
  • Group Emails for distributed lists.


File and Folder Sharing


  • Providing users custom path and quote for storing organization documents.
  • Configuring security and permissions according to user roles and organization structure.


Database Services


  • Creating Custom relational database (RDBMS)
  • Selecting best database server (Oracle, MySQL, and MSSQL)
  • Converting Excel and Access to Native database records (Converting Excel to MySQL, to MSSQL, or Oracle Records).
  • Database Security (Including Backup and Recovery)


Security Services


  • Installing centralized (Hardware Firewall) for protecting your organization.
  • Creating advanced rules that matches your organization policies.
  • Implementing Centralized Antivirus or Internet Security for clients.
  • Securing Servers, and Client computers.
  • For more information please visit IT Security Services.


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