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16 Mar

Web Design Best Practices in 2020

By: Hemin Mohammed
Date: 16-March-20

There is no doubt that advertising is a crucial part of companies and businesses, particularly in Erbil in which economy is booming fast. No matter if it’s a small, mid-size or even an enterprise. They need to have presence online in order to show their customers what they can offer. Digital advertising allows businesses grow faster by engaging with more people at a smaller budget and a shorter time frame than traditional ways of marketing (print and press).

Moreover, website is a great asset of digital marketing since all products, services, activities, deals and offers of your company are communicated in the most presentable and efficient way you’re your customers.

Therefore, the first step that companies in Erbil and worldwide should do is to have a reliable website allowing their customers engage with them. You may not sell your products and services online but you show website visitors what you can offer to them. Here starts the real business with the very basic channel of online presence that a website. As the first thing customers do is they look for your brand online. So if you have a business, and don’t have a website yet. It is time to consider having a website to tell people that you are existing doing this business.

For the reasons above web design industry has changed dramatically over the past decade. In addition, web standards are constantly changing, so revising your UX (User Experience) practices frequently is a key to success. User experience and needs were the main factors behind this enormous change in web design technology. It’s worth mentioning that business owners in Iraq aim to have a website that generate more conversions than just appealing users to stay for a longer time on their websites without performing a single action. These conversions may include: subscribing for a service, purchase of a product, downloading a trial software, upgrading a free service, registrations…etc. It’s simply called Website Conversions Rate-the percentage of users who performed one of the mentioned necessary actions. Therefore, the web developers team at Standing Tech company takes a great care about website conversions. This will help businesses grow their business scale and increase their profit. Standing Tech is a pioneer web developer in Erbil in applying these constant standards in Kurdistan region. Standing Tech’s strategy in 2020 is to have a revolutionary change in web design technology in the region and Iraq as whole, practicing the best and most effective web design standard techniques. If your browse their products’ section on their official website, you will realize that they have practiced up-to-date website standards. Here are some of the techniques Standing Tech depends on in designing websites.

Website header standards

In fact, the header tells much about what the website is offering to its visitors or customers. What brand is represented? What are the services and products offered on the website? How to contact company staff? What are the deals they have for their customers?

Apart from this, the header is a critical part of the home page as it grasps the first impression of users. Also it holds the most important elements that a good website header has. So if want to have an effective header you should consider having below elements:

  • Logo and slogan
  • Call-to-actions (CATs)
  • Headlines
  • Navigational menu
  • Search bar

However, these elements should not be used to overload the header. There should be a kind of balance between the content (text) and the technical elements. It is also not a good idea to leave the header empty. A user who cannot perform a simple action on your interface in a few seconds will probably leave and never return.

User Experience Design (UX)

UX is what a user of a certain product experiences when using that product. A good website should have a well-designed UX to satisfy users with your products/ services by making improvements in term of usability, accessibility, and providing pleasure in the interaction. In a simpler concept you when design your website, you should have your customers in mind.

Your website design should be simple and easy for your users. It has to allow them to quickly and efficiently interact with it. Complexity of elements and features on your website may distract the visitors and sends them back where they came from.

Your website should include these features to effectively target the user experience:

Useful: Is the content of your website useful and fulfilling your visitor’s needs? Does it make your visitors satisfy when they leave your website? Will they come back again?

Usable: Can your website be navigated on both mobile and desktop devices easily without errors? Today with developed smartphone market, almost 80% of web traffic comes from mobile phones.

Desirable: Are your brand and website elements reflecting you and your business identity in the best way possible? Have you used brand equity accurately so that your customers do not get confused about your brand?

Credible: Are you presenting yourself as the leading brand in the specified industry that people can refer to and trust? Trust in business leads to customer loyalty which will bring more revenues by their continuous actions.

Reduce Choices on Website

Simplicity has become fashionable today. Big companies like apple design their websites and applications in a very simple and stylish way. Choose a simple design for your website because when you offer more choices to your customers, it will be hard for them to make their mind. This could be done by turning your visitor’s focus to your Call-to-actions (CATs) by avoiding to present too many products and services on your webpages.

These CATs may include performing an action on certain pages, filling out a form, signing up for your newsletter, leaving a message, making a phone call, and visiting your physical store.

Minimize Animations on your website

As one of the latest web design trends, many web developers can use micro animations effectively to:

  • Encourage visitors to perform Call-to-Actions (CTAs).
  • give your website responsiveness.
  • Make your website easy to use or understand.

If animations are overused on your website, it will have a complete opposite effect. This will distract and confuse your visitors. So animations have to be used in moderate and accurate way to as per the designer’s strategic plan. On the other hand, small animations can have a good impact on the look and feel of the website.

Utilize Negative Spaces

Negative space or some call it ‘white space’ describes the areas between different elements on a web page. Negative spaces between your web elements and content gives your website an appealing look.

Mobile-Friendly Pages

Mobile responsive and friendly websites are not optional anymore. It has become a must do in website technology. It is worth mentioning that more than half of the web traffic worldwide comes from mobile phones. Usually the first page is very significant for any website as most of the actions should be available there. On the desktop version, developers and designers put a large slider or a big banner with company logo and slogan. Whereas in mobile version these big elements do not necessarily appear as they should be. So these need to be optimized per mobile design standards. Otherwise users will not feel good about your website.

Avoid Using Big Sliders & Carousels

Big sliders and carousels were used dominantly in website design trends for a while, but not anymore. UX experts have noticed that these elements could have a negative impact on your website due to below reasons:

  • Web pages will load slowly.
  • Affecting negatively on your valuable content
  • Appearing poor and malfunctioning on mobile devices.

So if you still have these elements on your website, consider removing them and replace them with static images for your products and services. Then you will see the difference in page time loading and giving more space to your content.

Branding Consistency

Your branding needs to be coherent across all digital platforms and including your website. If you miss this point, your branding is completely missed altogether.

Branding consistency is helping you acquire new customers and also keep old ones. Always make sure that your branding and your business are in-line with your customers by making your website:

  • The same logo is communicated.
  • The same slogan is communicated.
  • Uses the same color and theme
  • Contains the appropriate content.

Write Effective Content

Content is the most important factor customers visiting your website. It should be designed in an organized way to be functional and stylish.

If visitors are satisfied by the content you have presented to them, there will be the chance of converting them to real customers by performing actions as purchasing your products, subscribing to your services and much more. You be specific and concise in creating your content. Particularly nowadays more minimal designs are style and popular with presentable images and brief text content.

When you write content for a specific product or service on your website, it should allow people to identify:

  • What the product/ service is
  • What the features of the product/ service are
  • What are the benefits of this product/ service to you?
  • How to perform a Call-to-Action (CAT)?

Optimize for Speed

Make your website as fast as possible. Your pages should always load within 3 seconds as the standard loading time. If your website for whatever reason exceeded this time frame, visitors may leave without hesitance. To have a fast loading website, you need to integrate all these practices and standards mentioned throughout this article. Avoid using complicated flashy GUIs that cause delays to loading your web pages.

Use Landing Pages

Today majority of businesses are advertising on social media platforms and Google Ads. To help grow your business use landing pages specific to your user objectives.

A landing page also called a ‘destination page’ is a single web page that appears when clicking an optimized search result, a marketing promotion or an online advertisement.

standalone page accessible only by your target audience when they click on your ad and should be designed with a single goal (CTA) in mind. (Sign up, phone call, contact form, etc).

It’s been proven that landing pages helped businesses improve their digital marketing campaigns and increase their conversion rates. As landing pages would be the first destinations that users are redirected to, they should have a beautiful and appealing design.

Use Color Contrast

Contrasting color are part of the look and feel for a website. It soon draws the eye to a specific element in your design. This technique can be used to highlight your logo or a certain word or phrases that you want your audience to see first when they browse that certain page.

Update Your Website SEO Constantly

Google and other search engines are constantly updating their algorithms and standards from website ranking perspective.

These updates may happen several times in a year that cause dramatic changes to rankings for millions of websites, your website may be one them.

So maintaining your website’s SEO up to date, you will have the chance to increase your web traffic and eventually enhance rankings. It is worth mentioning that ranking is very important for your website. The higher ranking your website may have, the better it is in terms of competition with your business competitors and also increasing your online visibility. So this concludes that your website ranking has an important impact on your business growth. In other words, growth means making more profit.

Your Website Security is crucial

Your website security needs to be very strong regardless of whether you sell your products and services online or not. This would be for the safety of both your customers and the website itself. If a website has a vulnerable security, it is more exposed to hacking.

Millions of websites are hacked on a yearly basis. This is all due to neglecting the security side.

In order to protect your website from hacking, there are a number of precautionary steps you should follow:

  • Always update your themes and plugins.
  • Don’t missing security updates
  • Use strong passwords
  • Make sure you don’t have security holes.
  • Avoid possible data leaks

Also these steps can enhance your website security to a greater level:

  • Install recommended SSL Certificates to enable an encrypted connection to your website.
  • The security plugins installed should be compatible with your website.
  • Update your CMS platform and its plugins frequently to latest versions. If you keep them updated, you are safe from intrusions by hackers.

Design a Chat Boat

One of the best ways web developers depend on to collect information from your website visitors is to have a well-designed Chat Boat. Unlike traditional ways information has been collected from visitors through some different elements like newsletter opt-ins and complicated forms.

Nowadays visitors rather want to speak with a representative of your company and get their queries answered immediately. Therefore, the right technique to satisfy customers on your website is to utilize this element. It is reliable and cost effective.

Using Smart Videos

Videos are considered as the most powerful marketing tool. They bring more engagements than the rest of content. They soon tell you the story they carry.

For this reason, in 2020 marketing experts recommend to use smart videos as an effective promotional asset in website development.

Those days gone when website designers used to embed YouTube videos on their websites. A high quality video can do the purpose and convey the marketing message to targeted customers. After all, it is easy to utilize this powerful technique into your website.

3D Elements

Using 3D objects and elements is trendy in web design 2020. Whether you are a web developer or business owner, while designing or renovating your website, consider using 3D elements to easily grasp visitor’s attentions. Moreover, these elements will help bring your website into life. Also they create visual appeals and enhance user experience (UX).

Stylish Illustrations

Illustrations have become very popular part of user graphic interface (UGI) in the past couple of years. People are into illustrations more than long paragraphs of text. Sometimes you may use simple illustrations to explain your products and services instead of text. In 2020 most web designers include attractive illustrations in their trendy design.

 More about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One the most important practices of all time, especially in 2020 is prioritizing a good search engine optimization. The more you invest your efforts and capabilities on SEO, you’re more likely to have a better web ranking and getting more visitors on your website.

To do this you need to use targeted keywords throughout your website. The more effective content you publish on your website for users, the better organic traffic you will get.

To have an effective SEO for your website, follow these steps:

  • Responsive/ mobile-friendly design: not only to access your website from mobile and tablet devices, but also to get a better ranking by search engines like Google.
  • Header Tags (H1): the header tag (H1) can either be a headline of a certain page or a title of a post. They are used with relevant keywords to show you’re including relevant information on your headline or post title.
  • Title tags and meta descriptions: these help search engines understand the content of a web page. Since you’re writing for real people, you should have a kind of balance between SEO performance and style of your website.
  • Short descriptions for web URLs: this short readable description will often contain keywords.
  • Bring relevant URLs from high-quality websites: if you link your website with those high-ranked one, there will be a good chance to attract new visitors and increase overall traffic to your website.

I have a website. It’s up and running fine. Why should keep it updated?

Lots of website owners often ask this question, “do I ever need to update my website? Is it worth my time, effort and money to update my website even though it’s working fine and running?”

The reasonable answer to this question is YES.

Every year thousands of websites are designed and launched by business owners. Some of these could be your competitors that they affect their customers’ feelings with their newly updated websites. So from competition perspective it is mandatory you should renovate your website at least once every two to three years. Also in terms of security and ranking algorithms, it’s highly recommended to do that. Nowadays customers get excited when they see their service providers are updating their websites and communication channels constantly.


User-Friendly Website
12 Feb

User-Friendly Website

By: Hemin Mohammed
Date: 12-Feb-20

In today’s business world majority of businesses relay on online advertising to grow their business scale. If we take Iraq as an example, businesses ranging from small size to large enterprises have at least some webpages viewing their products and services. More specifically Businesses in Kurdistan and its capital Erbil are among the most website owners across the country. Since website is a crucial element of digital advertising, it needs to be developed in a way that customers and viewers can use it easily and comfortably.

Nowadays web developers spending too much effort on the front-end development that include look and feel to grab the first impression of viewers. What’s more important is the easy use of the elements the web pages offer.

Standing Tech Company is one of the leading local companies developing websites, web applications and databases for all types of businesses aiming to grow their business from advertising to online presence, and leading sales. Our main office located in Erbil but we have experts in all the Governorates (Erbil, Sulaimaniah, Duhok and Halabja).

So to have a friendly-website you should include these essential characteristics while designing your website:

Responsiveness & Compatibility

Today with developed technology of smartphones, almost 80% of the average online users come from mobile phones. Therefore, to have a robust and easy to use platform, websites should be completely accessible and browsed in all mobile phones, tablets, iPads and other responsive devices. This will certainly add lots of traffic to websites.

responsive structure

Effective and simple Navigation

The first glance is very important for first time visitors. Hence the first landing page is critical in any website to make them stay longer on the website. So, to have a simple and attractive front page, the navigation (upper menu) has to be simple and well-structured. In below we will see an example of a good navigation which will affect the first glance of visitors:

Simple and elegant navigation (Simple and easy menu with using appropriate names for their products and services)


Whereas some websites use very complex navigation with too many menus and sub-menus that will confuse the users to find what are looking for.

So, websites should be designed in a way everyone can use it with minimum user experience. The information presents on the website must be very friendly to the target users. So, a well-structured website will drive too much traffic and users will stay for longer browsing the content on the website. This will of course affect the ranking of the website.

Position your Logo to be found easily

Don’t make users look for your logo or brand identity. Usually the logo is located at the top right or left corner of your website. This will help users identify your brand easily. The logo must be clickable and redirect the users back to the home page from wherever they are on the website.

standingtech logo

Fast Loading Performance

Nothing is worse than waiting for website to load. The main reason users leave a certain website is that it takes too long for a website to load, especially with slow connections. Therefore, the website loading time to be between 4 to 6 seconds as per standard. This will also effect on the ranking of your website as users will leave the website if it takes longer than that time.


Using clear Call-To-Actions

Sometimes your put certain call-to-actions on a specific page and you are expecting users to do something with them. So, by adding a clear call-to-actions on your webpages, and in the most clickable areas, you’ll drive visitors to take the actions you want them to. A few examples of clear call-to-actions include:

  • “Click Here to Order”
  • “Download Now “
  • “Contact Us”
  • “Get a Quote”
  • “For more click here”
  • “Subscribe Now”

download button

Make Your Content Easy to Understand

Use a language that is simple and concise, and include headers, sub headers, bullets, and other formatting techniques to make it easy for readers to read and understand your content. Also, avoid using a complex and vague terminology. While it’s okay to use words that show you’re an expert in your field, it’s important to understand the knowledge level of your audience and to write first and foremost for them.

Simple Forms

Forms are a crucial part of collecting information from website visitors, from email newsletter subscriptions to membership payments. Applying user-friendly design to forms makes it quick and easy for people to complete and submit their requests and queries. Below is a simple form example designed by Standing Tech Company:

standingtech form

Balance text with visual art designs

Today’s website visitors are reading less and expecting more photos, videos, and interesting designs that work to organize your site and inspire engagement. Use high-quality images that enhance the text, but don’t overcrowd your pages, and use real photos whenever possible. Visuals will also help make your look and feel more appealing.

Choose appropriate colors

Choose the colors for your website carefully. You need to make balance between beauty and clarity. Not only does your color palette need to make sense for your industry, but the contrast between the background and text needs to be enough that the visitors can read text easily and not strain their eyes. Sometimes color represent a certain segment of customers. Some businesses have two color palettes for their B2B and B2C customers on their website to differentiate between a normal customer and a corporate one.

color template

Make content shareable.

Social media is one of the main factors to add traffic to your website by redirecting customers from social platforms to your website. To get the most out of social media today, you must create a type of content that is easily shareable. In addition to including social icons on each page of your website, you may also want to allow users to share specific pieces of information on your website across multiple social media platforms.

Create Search Functionality to your website

Experienced users will be expecting your site to have search functionality. If it doesn’t, they will likely leave and find a site that is easier to navigate. It’s a simple design feature that shouldn’t be neglected especially if the website has lots of content on it.


Consider Analytics

Google Analytics will give you quantitative insight into what pages should be listed in your main menu. Figuring out where your visitors are going on your website is important to understand if your layout is effective and make strategic adjustments. Lay the menu out with the most popular pages, first making it easier for your audience to find what they are looking for quickly.



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12 Feb

Eight tips that enable you to apply simplicity theory in the design of websites

By: Bassel Tibi
Date: 12-Feb-20

In the past few years, web design in Erbil become trending and most companies depends on their websites to publish their products and services. Designing a web page has been affected by many different directions that are constantly changing, but there are many things that affect design and that cannot be eliminated with time, and one of these trends is Minimalism simplicity, That’s because this concept has always been very popular in various media over the ages.

We hear a lot of complaints from Internet users that some sites are very complex and difficult to deal with, which limits the user’s interaction on the site. Simplicity in web design works to enhance the user’s experience of the site, in addition to improving the general site shape.

In the world of simplicity, the principle of “least, best” is considered one of the most well-known principles, especially when applied to web design in the twenty-first century. Standing Tech company can provide and create an ideal user-friendly website relying on the following explained 8 amazing tips that enable you to apply simplicity theory in the design of websites.

Using Flat Design:

Flat Design, is a new trend in the world of web design, inspired by the physical simulation of skeuomorphism, as if we were designing a writing interface in a very similar way to a real notebook.

The flat design is characterized by its simplicity and avoids things that were considered aesthetic beforehand, such as the effects of three-dimensional, the use of shades and gradations. It depends on two or maximum 3 colors which are consistent and harmonious with each other.

Major companies have begun to go to flat designs such as Microsoft, Google and Apple, Apple has introduced a flat user interface design in the latest update ISO 7, and Microsoft has applied it to the new Windows 8 Metro interface.

You can see the magnificence of the flat design when you enter the official Microsoft website. You will notice that the icons and illustrations have a two-dimensional appearance, that is, without shadows and effects, in order to appear completely flat.

Use and distribute white spaces on your site’s pages:

White spaces (also known as passive spaces) are those spaces that do not occupy space with an element as text, image or any visible element. These spaces are distributed in a coordinated and correct way that makes the design readable quickly and comfortably to the eye, and it is one of the basic criteria that make your design simple and elegant.

There is one of the major sites that use white spaces, but we aren’t recognizing it because we are using it constantly, this site is the famous Google search engine, which contains only a search rectangle and a group of links below it and a large white space, since the goal of the site is to search, these white spaces makes user focus only on the search bar. White space in the design is the backbone of Minimalism design and is one of the varied and effective tools that can add a special advantage to your design. When used well, these spaces can help to balance the design, and cancel the mess inside, so help the user to breath!

Stay away from unnecessary:

Think about what is important for the content you provide or the functionality of your site, then focus only on these things and try to eliminate anything else that does not directly relates to this content or this function.

Remember that these elements that you keep will affect the readability and usability of your site, so leave it only if necessary. In order to make sure that the people who visit your site perform a specific procedure that you have specified, such as an online purchase, a phone call, or filling a specific form, you have to reduce the options available to them so that their focus is on the service you provide, so reducing options and moving away from what is not necessary is another example of design simplicity.

One of the websites that take great advice in reducing options is Gengo, which offers professional translation services. If you look at the image below, you can see its landing page, see how simple site design and avoiding setting many options makes the user focus only on the service that the site provides and is writing or downloading text until it is translated. In this way, the Gengo site converts the site’s users into customers who request the service, which increases the site’s revenue.

Use large fonts:

If you really want to appreciate the concept of Simplicity in web design, you should look at Brian Danaher’s website, who is an art director, painter and designer. As you can see, the site mainly depends on two things: large broad lines that help you to read easily and page layout that depends on a single-column layout, some people may consider that the design of this site is extremely simple, but it is It still accomplishes two very important goals:

  • Since the page layout is based on only one column, Brian is able to direct the user’s focus towards the goal that he has set for the site, who is Brian Danaher, and how people can communicate with him.
  • Brian succeeded in using the contrast in the colors of the lines and background, which gave the site a special and wonderful character.

Easy navigation:

Some people ignoring the navigation menu when designing their website, but it can have a big impact in adding a touch of simplicity to your website, the page list that is beautifully combined with the background of the site has a great importance in making the site characterized by simplicity.

If you look at the website of the photographer and designer Cristian Ordonez, you can see the simplicity of the browsing list used on the site and how it does not extend across the entire home page view but is designed in the right corner of the site. In addition, they are designed in a way that there are no sub menus so there are no different or additional layers for browsing. If you look closely, you will see that the menu colors are brilliantly combined with the background colors.

Use the colors to draw attention:

You can add some colors in some specific areas of your site, which makes the site to be characterized by simplicity in addition to that it becomes easy for the user to focus on the important things in any page of the site.

By adding some colors here and there on your site, you will draw the attention of users to specific important subjects. One of the websites that embodies this smart use of colors is the 960 Grid System, which works to organize the development of websites. You will immediately notice the use of the yellow color on the view demo, download links, and also the blue color will attract your attention in the Twitter logo on the left corner of the site, and that if you click on it will take you directly to the Twitter page of the designer and owner of the site.

Load Time:

How long does your site take to load?

If your site takes longer than ten seconds to load, most readers won’t stick around. Associated Press statistics show the average user’s attention span is decreasing, not increasing.

If you’ve forgotten to consider load time in your web design, you’ve forgotten a critical element of a user-friendly site.

What that means is that if you design a website that loads quickly, you’re probably giving your client an advantage over the competition. Who doesn’t want that for their clients?

Mobile Friendly:

The key to usability is how your website appears on mobile devices. A user-friendly website is a mobile-friendly website. Every website should have a site that appeals to mobile users.


If you apply all of the above the rules and advice well, then you will have applied the concept of simplicity carefully, which will help to increase the site’s revenues if you reduce the options in front of the user so that he can focus his attention on the service you offer. Standing Tech company with its professional team in Erbil can help you to create, design and serve your succeed website that will help you increase your revenue. In general, your simple design of the site will make it clean, neat and clean, thus making it easier to navigate the user. This is the biggest reason why you should use this new approach in designing your websites.

Internet connectivity in Erbil becoming stable and faster each year, and the technology trends in using Web Apps , web design becoming a major thing for each company.



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Web Design in Erbil and Kurdistan Region, Iraq
10 Feb

Web Design in Erbil and Kurdistan Region, Iraq

By: Vareen Azad, Date: 02/10/2020

What is Web design?

Web design is the way toward arranging, conceptualizing, and organizing content expected for the Internet. modern website architecture goes past what things look like (feel) to incorporate how things work (usefulness). Website design isn’t constrained to sites as it incorporates different uses, for example, web applications, versatile applications, and user interface design.

These days, an ever increasing number of clients peruse the web utilizing various gadgets, in various screens. They change in size, from work area screen to tablet and Smartphone screen. The web improvement gets troublesome, accepting all these various choices in size. By following some website designs, the work process is kept increasingly sensible. Building a responsive site isn’t simple at all while creating for various gadgets.

Web design layouts

When considering the layout styling for a website it’s significant to take into account the planned purpose and target audience of the design. The process of layout customization is merely a matter of knowing how best to present the website content. Following are the main layouts of website:

Website Functional elements

Website functional elements

Types of website design

Despite the fact that you may go over articles online that discussion about an entire bundle of web designs styles (fixed, static, fluid, and so on), in the present versatile first world, there are just two different ways to appropriately structure a site: versatile and responsive sites.

Adaptive websites

Adaptive web design uses two or more versions of a website that are modified for different screen sizes. Adaptive websites can be divided in two main categories based upon how the site detects what “version” needs to be displayed.

Adapts based on device type, this means the site knows what version to display (ex: desktop or mobile). And Adapts based on browser width, the website uses media-queries and breakpoints to switch between versions.

Responsive websites

Responsive websites use a mixture of flexible grids (based on percentages) with breakpoints to create a tradition look at every screen size. Unlike adaptive sites that adapt only when they hit a breakpoint, responsive websites are constantly changing according to the screen size.

The Past, Present and Future of Prototype and Product Development. Going Ideas to Products isn’t a simple undertaking. It requires some investment, ability and a procedure to plan and build up the result of tomorrow. With the level of internet usage in Erbil among clients today, it is basic to begin with a site for your private venture. Not exclusively will a site permit you to build up a nearness in our current reality where your intended interest group lives, it will make it simpler more individuals to look, find, and get in touch with you.

Living in the improvement nation like Erbil, a website is presently a need for a business, enormous or little. On the off chance that you have a business and don’t have a site, you are presumably losing various extraordinary open doors for your business. A site itself can be utilized to achieve a wide range of advertising methodologies to enable your business to develop. The web has a far more wide reach than some other type of publicizing. While it requires some investment to develop enough traffic to your site to have a beneficial effect on your organization’s advertising effort. In Erbil there are companies that will help you to develop your business and provide web development services like Standing Tech Co.

Standing Tech is a leading solutions provider of Information Technology, Business Management and Training Services which bring a comprehensive portfolio of integrated solutions around IT platforms, outsourcing, business consultancy, besides offering a wide range of training programs.

Standing Tech Co. provide clients optimal services aligned with the latest technologies and strategies which serve clients with utmost integrity with an ambition of long-term partnership.

Standing Tech Co. website development provide proper reflection of your company’s physical presence on virtual presence to deliver your services online with the same quality you deliver in real life. The size and sections of any website is custom built for your business needs. From the technology, to the process, to assembling the right team, every aspect of the effort requires planning, communication, and experience. However, all our websites are fully developed, tested, and offered for several different companies who serve in banking, education, marketing, e commerce. Etc…with ensuring the following features:

Having a website doesn’t just lead your business to exist in the digital world; it helps it to thrive in the physical world as well. A website helps a business in various areas of growth involving your customers, your reputation, and your visibility in your community and industry. While building your website with Standing Tech Co. they will guarantee that your website will:

Generates Leads

A website helps your business by producing leads with calls-to-action. A call-to-action is a button or text on your website that prompts someone to provide their contact info for a specific purpose.

Saving Time

A website can save you time and money as a business owner. Think of your website as a talk you’d have with a person interested in your services, whether on the phone or in person.

Promoting Your Business

In addition to giving data about your business, a website permits you to exhibit your business’ items and administrations. Contingent upon your business, you can have a photograph display or arrangement of your work, a blog where you can stand apart as a specialist in your general vicinity and give valuable data, and even a segment for client tributes. This permits clients to perceive how and why they should utilize your business, which settles on their basic leadership simpler.

Expanding your reach

With a website, anyone can find or blunder upon your work, not just people in your area. SEO, or search engine optimization, works to get your business found by people conducting online searches, putting your business in front of more than just the people who are walking by.


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