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27 Aug

Why is Marketing Research Important for the New App Development?

Description: Even the most incredible app ideas are bound to fail without proper marketing research. Any serious app development team needs to understand the market trends, consumer needs, and the strategies that the competitors are using. Your mobile app needs to get out there when it’s complete and ready to compete effectively and satisfy the […]

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15 Jan

Marketing Plan For Web-Based ERP Software

PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Sample Marketing Plan For Web-Based ERP Software By STANDING Tech Research Team / 2015 For Education Purposes Only Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction. 1.1 Goals and Objectives. 1.1.1 Company Goals and Objectives. 1.1.2 Marketing Goals and Objectives. 2.0 Situation Analysis. 2.1 Market Description. 2.1.1 Segment 1: Open Source ERP for developers. 2.1.2 […]

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