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22 Feb

Trends that will reshape content marketing

By: Galina Karine Quality content and content marketing Quality content proves that consumers are paying attention to the things they care about. It focuses on any consumer’s actions, and based on quality content, the foundations of content marketing lie. In comparison, content marketing is a long-term strategy to build a strong and trustworthy relationship with […]

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02 Jan

Marketing Tips That Work For A Waste Business

Today the market potential for waste management has reached super-high limits. The global consumer goods market alone is estimated to be worth nearly $1.3 trillion (2019), according to Statista. Ultra-consumerism has created major threats to the Earth’s environment and its natural resources. The current situation has also produced more potential for waste businesses. The key […]

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28 Nov

Video Marketing Technology: How To Improve Your Results

Technology has changed the world and will continue to do so as time carries on. What makes the technology even more powerful is when you combine it with any type of unique marketing tactic. Take video marketing for example. Video marketing is the process of using videos for marketing your online or offline business. The […]

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26 Oct

5 Strategies To Increase Your Brand Awareness Using Social Media

Brand awareness is quite important for businesses to get more exposure, but social media brand awareness might be even more crucial in the time when most potential customers spend time on social media platforms. Luckily, it’s relatively easy to build brand awareness through social media by using well-known techniques for this. Hence, here are the […]

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10 Sep

10 Content Writing Strategies to Boost Your Organic Traffic

The amount of organic traffic greatly depends on the quality of the content you publish. The more value you provide to the reader, and the more precisely you follow Google’s best practices, the more users you attract to your website. In fact, you don’t have to be a professional writer to create good content. You […]

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Standing Tech Company Awarded as Top B2B Company in Iraq by Clutch!
04 Sep

Standing Tech Company Awarded as Top B2B Company in Iraq by Clutch!

Standing Tech Company is a group of skilled, experienced, and highly motivated engineers and business analysts who provide the best quality of available information technology services and solutions in terms of satisfaction, economy, and environmentally clean and friendly. We are a stable company with reliable services in all cases. We dream to build professional community […]

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27 Aug

Why is Marketing Research Important for the New App Development?

Description: Even the most incredible app ideas are bound to fail without proper marketing research. Any serious app development team needs to understand the market trends, consumer needs, and the strategies that the competitors are using. Your mobile app needs to get out there when it’s complete and ready to compete effectively and satisfy the […]

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