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Standing Tech Company Named STAND-UP Web Design Company in Iraq
10 Sep

Standing Tech Company Named STAND-UP Web Design Company in Iraq

At Standing Tech Company, we’re here to give your company a STANDING ovation! We’re a group of talented, seasoned, excited engineers and business analysts that strive to provide premiere information technology services. We hone in on customer satisfaction, economic factors, and environmentally sound services, as a recipe for success!

We’ve been in the industry for quite some time now, and have time-tested resources for our clients. We know how to be creative and use our expertise to help numerous companies. Our goal is to become a professional authority in our area. In light of our efforts, we’ve been named a top B2B company in Iraq by Clutch!

Clutch is a B2B review platform that uses a unique ratings methodology to compare companies across industries. In their web designer’s leader’s matrix, we’re listed among the top companies in Iraq! We’d like to thank our valued customer base for believing in our mission and participating in client interviews to prove our impact. Thanks to their input, we’ve been awarded a perfect 5/5 start! Below is a recent interview:


“The leadership designation will strengthen our online brand recognition and visibility everywhere which might create new leads and business opportunities.” – CEO, Standing Tech Company

Clutch’s sister site, Visual Objects is another valuable B2B resource. Each Visual Objects list has a catalogue of a company’s past visual work that buyers can reference for their convenience. Another sister site, The Manifest, features us as a top leader in our field and compares our data to other companies’.

If you’d like to take your company to the next level with our innovative information technology strategies, please reach out today!

Standing Tall: Standing IT Services and Solutions Recognized for Client Service!
18 Jul

Standing Tall: Standing IT Services and Solutions Recognized for Client Service!

The adoption of IT professional services has been growing as these services can help reduce the overall IT costs, and in turn, the capital expenditure. As more and more companies enter the industry, how do you know which company is the best fit for you and can offer you the best value?

This can be a difficult decision to make for any firm. We are grateful to our clients that entrusted us with this responsibility and we are proud to see them succeed with the help of our services.

Furthermore, we appreciate clients who left feedback so that our future clients have more information to help guide their decision.

We recently received reviews on Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform, from our clients that we worked with on various projects. This has helped us be featured amongst the top UX design companies in Iraq .

We recently received a 5-star review on Clutch from an Outpatient Medical Center. We helped the company build a POS system that allowed them to increase sales and cut costs.

We also provided management IT services to the pharmacy and received great feedback.



In the review, the IT manager stated that “Customers can expect dedication, transparency, and thoroughness.”

Another one of our many satisfied clients was a University that needed our help with its IT infrastructure. We helped them update their website, secure their data and servers and improve their e-learning interface.



In their 5-star review they state that “Their professional approach and effective project management made them an ideal partner.”

We would like to thank our customers for giving us the opportunity to serve their project needs:

“We are appreciative of our clients because Standing Tech Company never grew without valuable customers in that they always trusted us and provided us positive feedback. Hundreds of software bugs were reported by our customers that helped us to fix issues and improve overall solutions.”

Because of our great clients and their feedback, Clutch is also showcasing our rank on The Manifest , its sister website.

Be sure to also check out Visual Objects , a platform that features B2B alongside their creative portfolios.

How can we help your company achieve its IT goals? Contact us from more information!

Standing Tech Company Now Featured on Clutch
28 Apr

Standing Tech Company Now Featured on Clutch

Standing Tech Company Now Featured on Clutch
By: Jenna Seter, Date: 24/Apr/2019

The mobile platform has quickly become a beloved medium, keeping users endlessly entertained and helping businesses connect with their clients in new and meaningful ways. Countless businesses have decided to try and capitalize on this development, but many have failed to understand the importance of quality development and design in executing their mobile vision.

We are proud digital partners to firms of all shapes and sizes, helping them develop Clutchmobile solutions to address a wide variety of unique and pressing issues. Through our efforts to help our clients we have come to be regarded highly among top mobile app development companies around the world, and we are featured as so on Clutch. Clutch is a provider of ratings and reviews for B2B service providers, using detailed market research to identify top firms in dozens of industries. Their aim is to help businesses make more beneficial partnerships with their vendors, using research on factors like marketing presence, previous work, and client reviews to help them find the perfect fit.


Although the research conducted by Clutch analysts helped us become regarded highly in our industry, the interviews they conducted with our clients are where we really shine. These interviews were conducted to gauge the quality and value of the work we completed, and we are pleased to share that in our short time on the platform we have already received two verified reviews. We maintain a perfect rating of five stars thanks to reviews like this,

In terms of software development, they were professional and dependable. Whenever we asked for support, they sent someone to solve the issue. They were also cost-effective, delivering all of our requirements while remaining under budget.”
IT Manager, Outpatient Medical Center

The chance to receive these detailed and verified reviews is something we greatly appreciate, and we recognize the opportunities they provide us with. They serve as a way for us to identify our strengths and weaknesses, and we look forward to using them to continue to grow.

Standing Tech Clutch


In addition to our presence on Clutch, we have joined other top app developers in creating a profile on Visual Objects. Visual Objects is a sister-site to Clutch, allowing service providers to post portfolios and share examples of their work with prospective clients. We are hopeful that this expansion to our digital presence will help us reach new audiences and convey the importance of quality mobile development.


We are incredibly proud of everything we have accomplished, and all of the ways we have helped our clients, but we recognize we could not have done it alone. Thank you to everyone who has helped us and supported us along the way. Our partnerships mean a great deal to us, and we cannot wait to keep building them.

02 Feb

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in Erbil

By: Vareen Azad, Date: 02/02/2019

What are Enterprise Resource Planning?

ERP systems, or Enterprise Systems, are implemented to modernize a company’s information technology, thereby decreasing costs and creating new opportunities, in order to reach an best business performance. It can systematize and link a wide range of processes, such as supply chain management, inventory control, sales support, customer relationship management, accounting, human resources and almost any other data oriented management. Running through different departments and functions, these systems have a large potential effect on both the organization and its performance.

An important difference between ERP systems and other business information technologies is the real-time messaging and sharing of data. During recent years, ERP system has seen a great improvement globally and specially in Kurdistan region through the development web and service provider companies such as StandigTech company who is ready to provide ERP system for any kind of companies such as:

Companies that Integrate financial information:

When the management of the organization tries to understand the company’s overall performance, s/he may find many different versions of the truth. ERP creates a single version of the truth that cannot be questioned because everyone is using the same system.

Companies that Incorporate customer order information:

ERP systems can become the place where the customer order lives from the time a customer service representative receives it until the loading dock ships the merchandise and finance sends an invoice. By having this information in one software system companies can keep track of orders more easily, and coordinate manufacturing, inventory and shipping among many different locations simultaneously.

Standing Tech help companies to standardize and speed up manufacturing processes:

There are a lot of manufacturing companies in Kurdistan specially Erbil – those with an appetite for mergers and acquisitions—often find that multiple business units across the company make the same transaction / recording / report using different methods and computer systems. ERP systems come with standard methods for automating some of the steps of a manufacturing process. Also ERP helps the manufacturing process flow more smoothly, and it improves visibility of the order completion process inside the company. That can lead to reduced inventories of the materials used to make products (work-in-progress inventory), and it can help users better plan deliveries to customers, reducing the finished good inventory at the warehouses and shipping docks.

Standing Tech helps in standardizing HR information:

In Erbil, there are a lot of companies with multiple business units, HR may not have a unified, simple method for tracking employees’ time and communicating with them about benefits and services. ERP can fix that.

Benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP):

Following are some of the benefits they achieved by implementing the ERP packages for companies in Erbil:

  • ERP gives accounts payable personnel increased control of invoicing and payment processing and thereby boosting their productivity and eliminating their reliance on computer personnel for these operations.
  • More efficient cash collection, material reduction in delay in payments by customers.
  • Better monitoring and quicker resolution of queries.
  • Enables quick response to change in business operations and market conditions.
  • Helps to achieve competitive advantage by improving its business process.
  • Improves supply-demand linkage with remote locations and branches in different countries.
  • Reduce paper documents by providing on-line formats for quickly entering and retrieving information.
  • Improves timeliness of information by permitting posting daily instead of monthly.
  • Greater accuracy of information with detailed content, better presentation, satisfactory for the auditors.
  • Improved cost control.
  • Faster response and follow up on customers.
  • Provides a unified customer database usable by all applications.


  • Willcocks, L. P. and R. Sykes (2000). “The role of the CIO and IT function in ERP.” Communications of the ACM 43(4): 32 -38.
  • O’Leary, D. E. (2000). Enterprise Resource Planning Systems : Systems, Life Cycle, Electronic Commerce, and Risk. UK: Cambridge University Press.
20 Dec

How to Hide Primary Home Country Location on Facebook Page Info and Ads?

You can Hide Primary Home Country location that will be shown in Info and Ads section on Facebook Page.

1- Login (you must be admin to this)
2- Open this link
3- Facebook will show a popup with this title “Request to Hide Your Home Country Location” click next.
4- Select the page that you want to hide your primary Home country location on Info and Ads section.
5- Facebook will provide you text input to write justification, write something and submit.

GPS in Iraq
09 Dec

GPS in Iraq

By: Vareen Azad, Date: 09/12/2018

GPS or GPS innovation in Iraq broadens more distant than only an instrument to assist clients with navigating from areas. With the progression in versatile innovation and portable applications for portability arrangements.

Standing Tech company has completely changed the transportation business in Iraq. They can develop a portable application that can hand you GPS following arrangements that incorporate business-efficacious instruments required by your business and client needs. From your cell phone, you can without much of efforts find your vehicles, adequately plan drivers’ assignments and oversee costs. These highlights are perfect towards running an effective transportation or coordination business without making such a significant number of calls or experiencing cumbersome reports with the end goal to decide. GPS in Iraq following innovation can work for your business and the advantages are unlimited. Standing Tech company with an excellent group and experience offer choice business portability arrangements that will give your coordination business the best versatile experience.

The use of GPS tracking system in Iraq:

GPS tracking as a solution for Supply chain and logistics business in Iraq

If you run a business that operates through a fleet of vehicles, it is essential to have data about the whereabouts of some random vehicle whenever. The most fundamental utilization of GPS in Iraq is to monitor where your vehicles are on the guide. This empowers you to see which vehicle is in motion and towards which bearing. With GPS following innovation, you can screen vehicle speed, courses, motor start up and close down, sitting and courses. You can advise whether the vehicle is heading off to the relegated goal, the courses were taken, and when the vehicle is resting.

In Iraq, GPS now has been a part of supply chain perceptibility, which entails an information system that provides more attentive and detailed tracking details of assets across a whole network. GPS thus profits highly in logistics operations, especially for businesses dealing with fleet vehicles. Businesses that operate with just-in-time principles could find great value in having more exact data on the whereabouts of their vehicles status of orders and much more with GPS.

GPS Tracking system in Iraq specially for Supply Chain Management will benefit the organizations in several ways like:

  • Effective operation of the supply vehicles
  • Inventory management
  • Faster return on investment(ROI) from vehicles
  • Complete & Automated fleet management
  • Reduced Overtime
  • Smooth handling in-turn provides customer references
  • Decreased operational costs
GPS Tracking System Iraq

Moreover, supply chain and logistics in Iraq, GPS devices in Iraq can help decide the time and area of a going back and forth holder or vehicle. The gadget will tell the proprietor or the store network organization manager when in movement without important specialist. The area and the status of your benefit will be naturally put away on the appropriate gadgets and once the cell organize is available, the information gathered will before long be sent to your email or potentially versatile device(s). Both the organization administrator(s) and the law authorization will utilize the GPS framework to follow the benefits progressively. GPS following completely increments higher odds of recuperation of stolen merchandise and trepidation of criminals.

Fleet management in Iraq

Modern GPS business in Iraq allow you to have a constant 2-way communication with your fleet. Many Taxi Companies in Iraq are using GPS to reroute any of the vehicle in the fleet, or to assign a new pick up on the same route,

That will be do so based on the information received from the transportation tracking software. Standing Tech Company can develop tracking app that will have a feature which enable you to notify drivers, who are going the wrong way or warn them against misconduct while on duty.

This feature is all about effective planning and organization. You can cancel a delivery or reprogram a route as well as make other informed decisions based on the vehicle’s location.

Drivers are the backbone of your transportation business. Their safety and well-being must be dominant. GPS technology in Iraq guarantees driver’s safety by testing driving behavior.

GPS in Iraq Driver Safety

None Profit Organizations(NGO) in Iraq are using GPS system

A GPS vehicle following framework is robotized and gives ongoing updates on your remote gadget. This aide in speedy basic leadership. NGOs in Iraq are progressively utilizing GPS trackers to screen the area and status of their staff in the field. At the point when utilized accurately, trackers can enable an association to meet its obligation of consideration commitments and furnish staff in the field with a help in case of a security episode, for example, a jacking. What’s more, in spots where vehicle jacking and robberies are normal, GPS trackers in Iraq can enable associations to follow vehicles and different resources and aid their recuperation. Field information gathering is likewise an indispensable piece of what associations do. GPS gadgets can help catch the correct area of a place and tie it with information about that put. Gathering area of water siphons in a country region, or catching the area of unlawful tree logging and so on should be possible effectively with a handheld GPS gadget.


GPS innovation in Iraq is an unquestionable requirement on the off chance that you possess any transportation or calculated business. It is on the grounds that Standing Tech accompany can provide a plenty of advantages which can possibly change your business comprehensively.

In Iraq, GPS has made the business more proficient than any other time in recent memory and will continue doing it as the innovation enhances over the period.

Along these lines, you should assign a decent piece of cash to send GPS innovation of standard quality as it will dependably be of worth. You can counsel Mobile application advancement organizations to get a thought regarding the expense of application improvement of a GPS following application.


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  • Abel T. Published 2010. Accessed December 1, 2018.
  • Kouba J. The GPS Toolbox ITRF Transformations. GPS Solutions. 2002;5(3):88-90. doi:10.1007/pl00012903
26 Nov

Why right to left web designs is not easy

By: Vareen Azad, Date: 24/11/2018

The Middle Eastern market is developing at a fast pace, and, therefore, interest for IT items is additionally blasting in the locale. So regarding the development of websites, Middle Eastern countries need a website design that is not only compatible with their needs and comfortable for their users, but that is also appropriate to their language standards, making a serious alteration process very important. Given that most dialects talked in the Middle East are composed and perused from right to left like Kurdish and Arabic languages. Developers while designing websites they face a range of problems when creating products in those languages. Although this might seem like not that big of a deal, IT development for right-to-left (RTL) languages entails paying attention to a number of peculiarities.

By the way that the RTL showcase is moderately new, and very few assets are accessible to encourage engineers and only one out of every odd organization give RTL configuration yet Standing Tech Company gives a full assembled RTL plan for clients and their involvement with RTL advancement has empowered them to gather an intensive rundown of tips that are valuable for anybody building up a RTL item, (for example, a site or portable application). The way toward adjusting a site to a specific region, is basic for any interface, regardless of whether just a little measure of substance is there. As various regions and distinctive dialect bunches have different highlights, engineers must consider these distinctions while making a site. A portion of these structures might be difficult to see, especially without the assistance of a local speaker. These highlights are especially apparent with regards to structuring and creating sites for the Middle Eastern market.

Demand for the creation of right-to-left (RTL) websites has grown over the years due to the fact that Arabic is the 4th most popular language globally. According to Arab Media Outlook, 60% of Arabic speakers prefer browsing internet content in Arabic. The lack of currently available content in Arabic & Kurdish and the existing need for this content among users is sure to continue this growth. But off course there are some difficulties and limitation of developing a RTL website design as below:

Differences & Difficulties in RTL design

When designing and developing an RTL website, the decisions that need to be made can oftentimes be confusing for those used to designing LTR projects. Applying a mirrored structure should help those starting out ease into the transition.

The creation of web services and localization of already existing products for the Middle Eastern market is stipulated by certain features that can differ vastly from English (left-to-right) websites. The set of rules and design solutions used for LTR websites are of little value when developing websites for an Arabic or Kurdish RTL audience. This is because RTL websites require a different structure, typography, and imagery. At first glance, it might seem like an Arabic website is just a mirrored copy of an English one. However, it can involve a lot of effort to make a page with mirrored content appear properly on a screen. The below content re the creation of RTL projects including potential problems and solutions, below:


The main and most obvious difference between LTR and RTL languages is seen in the direction of writing. In RTL languages, writing and reading is done from right to left. This directional change affects the structure of the website, as well as typography, icons, and images. To design an RTL project, flipping or mirror every piece of content is a must, with a few key exceptions. To understand what to mirror and what to change entirely, it’s important to imagine the motion of time which flows from right to left in Arabic & Kurdish language. For example, a list of icons that displays a specific sequence should start from the right side on an RTL website. With the help of some basic rules, designing an Arabic & Kurdish website can be fairly straightforward. However, when multilingual platforms are involved, it’s crucial to plan out the architecture of the projects properly in order to avoid language conflicts when switching from LTR to RTL languages.

When beginning work on this type of project, developers should spend time designing both LTR and RTL versions since each of these is equally important for a successful end result.

Font problem may also appear in RTL designing, If the client doesn’t own a license for a right-to-left font, and if the standard fonts that come free with design software are not suitable, the question of which font to use can cause problems for designers who do not often work with these languages. This is easily resolved if your DTP provider already owns licenses for a variety of foreign-text fonts, which is a good reason to work with professionals who are familiar with issues surrounding right-to-left DTP.

So for designing Kurdish, Arabic or any other right-to-left language, you have to be sure to work with a Language Service Partner who can provide Arabic-language DTP as well as translation. Fully localized content should look as though it has been developed specifically for your audience, especially with respect to formatting and design.


There are further differences with Arabic & Kurdish when it comes to numbers. Most Arab countries use the more traditional Western Arabic numerals. Western Arabic numerals are slowly becoming increasingly popular, even in more conservative Arab countries like Saudi Arabia. This feature is important to consider when localizing dates and icons and should match what is most commonly used by the locale.


Appropriate consideration ought to be given to Arabic and Kurdish typography. To keep up simple clarity, striking typeface ought to be stayed away from. Emphasized text style is additionally not utilized in Arabic or Kurdish. There are other typographic highlights to mull over include:

  • aligning text to the right side.
  • shortening days of the week, months, etc. is commonplace in English, but is not appropriate in Arabic & Kurdish.
  • resizing font to preserve text readability. Traditional Latin typography fonts won’t fit properly with text in Arabic & Kurdish and therefore font sizes should be increased in the Arabic & Kurdish version;
  • factoring in the length of words as most Arabic & Kurdish words are shorter than those in English;
  • words in LTR languages don’t change their direction and neither do digits (like phone numbers with international dialing codes). These are still displayed on RTL websites as they would be on LTR websites.


In addition to the fact that images make a site outwardly appealing, they pass on a specific thought. Picking a picture requires proper choice, considering social characteristics with regards to recognition.

Flags for the Arabic and Kurdish rendition of a site can be reflected, however best practices prescribe choosing singular pictures for every form of a site. Basically mirroring an even picture may result in contorted showcase when exchanging among LTR and RTL renditions of the site.


Mirroring icons in an Arabic interface should be done with proper caution. Sometimes mirroring or flipping isn’t necessary and sometimes it is. Basic guidelines are as follows:

  • Symmetrical icons, as well as icons without an explicitly specified direction (such as camera, download, user profile, etc.), don’t need to be flipped.
  • Icons with an explicit direction should be mirrored. For example, the back button should point to the right in the RTL version.
  • Icons that describe movement or text direction should be mirrored (such as text alignment icons, progress charts, etc.)
  • Icons featuring English characters don’t need to be mirrored, but should be localized.

Below is a complete overview of elements that may be found in a website’s layout and whether or not these should be mirrored in RTL projects.

  • Navigation buttons & logo — a logo is usually placed in the left upper corner of English websites. Oppositely, In RTL websites, the logo is placed in the right upper corner. This principle also applies to the menu and navigation buttons which should be displayed in reverse order.
  • Form fields — headings and icons that refer to a given field on a form should be placed in the opposite position on RTL websites.
  • Video and audio players — video and audio players should not be mirrored because they represent playback progress instead of the flow of time.
  • Dates — Arabic & Kurdish-speaking users have their own calendar, but they are also used to the standard international date format.
  • Calendars — calendars need to be mirrored. Monday will be displayed on the right side and Sunday on the left one.
  • Tables — columns of tables must be mirrored.
  • Browser interface — Internet Explorer and Opera display scrollbars on the left side on Arabic & Kurdish websites.


It is conceivable to make viable utilization of a right-supported route menu gave the visual format unmistakably passes on the planned collaboration with the menu. In spite of the fact that the underlying communication time might be more noteworthy with a right-hand route contrasted with a left-hand route, this ought not be critical.

Clients are not liable to be more befuddled and sever their utilization of the site because of a right-hand route. They may very much want a right-hand route abstractly. Future investigations will affirm or invalidate these discoveries, however unmistakably more research is required. A closer examination of the execution of flat route menus may demonstrate that a best adjusted route menu performs best. Studies demonstrating extra favorable circumstances of a right-legitimized route, for example, more grounded spotlight on page content, ought to be led to enable Web to webpage planners settle on educated choices about the design of a Web page.

For right-to-left languages, the entire layout needs to be oriented right-to-left, not just the text.  In English, we read tables left to right, but Arabic-language tables need to be oriented right to left.

In conclusion, web designing for Arab & Kurdish website users does not finish with having content translated from a foreign language. It requires consideration, attention to detail, and the conscience that, while common practices, such as mirroring, may be applied, Arab & Kurdish users are already used to certain tools and results of left-to-right interfaces.



Why your business need a good database?
25 Nov

Why your business need a good database?

By: Vareen Azad, Date: 25/11/2018

Database is a self-portraying accumulation of incorporated records. A record is a portrayal of a few physical or calculated protest. It contains its very own portrayal structure. This portrayal is called metadata – information about the information. The database is incorporated in that it incorporates the connections among information things, and in addition including the information things themselves (Kroenke & Auer, 2007).

Nowadays, many companies use online databases. Online database is a record of logically related information, recorded in computer files in a uniform form to facilitate easy and efficient retrieving of data by means of internet or communication networks.

The database will be linked to the web server called Structured Query Language (SQL) server is a popular database software for database-driven web sites with high traffic. SQL Server is a very powerful, robust and full featured SQL database system. Standing Tech Company can develop complex database for any business and then developing web-based application customized for the business workflow and procedures. Standing Tech as Software Company created many databases for different types of businesses in Iraq and Kurdistan Region, for example: Point of Sale System (POS) for Pharmacies, Warehouse Management for Food Distributors, Customer Relation Ship Management, Finance and Accounting, Letter Archive System, etc. Also Standing Tech Company offers database managed services that include Oracle database support, Microsoft SQL Server support, Oracle E-Business suite support, and independent software vendors support; and professional services that include Oracle Database consultancy, SQL Server consultancy with fully managed or hosted IT systems, and offers professional consultancy services.

Why companies need database?

Analysts can use Excel to do a lot of their day-to-day jobs so most financial processes involve a lot of Excel workbooks. Notwithstanding, there are some regular information issues behind all these Excel procedures. A single Excel exercise manual can link to various Excel exercise manuals and each connected exercise manual can link to more Excel exercise manuals. Information is copied in many Excel exercise manuals. There are likewise cases that clients simply reorder information starting with one Excel exercise manual then onto the next exercise manual so information may not be constantly reliable. It is extremely tedious for any examiner to comprehend the information stream and the monetary procedures.

Exceed needs to stack every information into memory before it can process the information so it isn’t exceptionally versatile, e.g. it can require a long time to process on the off chance that it attempts to query information from tables that each have a couple of hundred thousand records. Likewise, Excel workbook regularly have the least security in light of the fact that there are simply too many Excel workbooks. It is likewise hard to actualize security when the information and procedures (or estimation) are so firmly fixing to one another in the Excel exercise workbook. For companies that has a lot of data, will be little hard to use excel because of some problems:

Excel can’t manage visual content

Many companies has products and recorded data which are more than just words and numbers. They have images, videos, manuals, and other media that matches them. Database would let you create relationships between all of those things. Excel, unless you are hard-pressed to link URLs, does not have that capability in an elegant, useful way. URLs also don’t allow you to see the content, so knowing what you have linked quickly becomes cumbersome.

It isn’t your single source of truth

Companies cannot use multiple spreadsheets a single, reliable place where you can go to find product information. Because if you can’t have your visual content and your product data together, there is already a problem. But the other real problem with spreadsheets is that they aren’t exactly collaborative. A real product database would give you and your coworkers a place to access and edit information from a single, centralized place.

Hard in Filtering and finding data

You would expect, at the very least, that a database could help you find information fast. But in excel its hard so with these limited functions, it makes filtering and finding information quickly a pain. A good database will not only have a solid search function but also give you the capability to stack filters to find exactly what you want.

Oppositly, Database is actually very similar to Excel workbook.  Databases store data in table (worksheet) and tables have records (rows) and fields (columns).  But worksheet in an Excel workbook can only store one million rows where tables in database can store billion, trillion…records.  database has some component like:

  • Index is a set of columns that can quickness the records retrieval time,
  • Query is a logical presentation of physical data; a query can make up of numerous tables,
  • Referential Integrity allows data authentication

Another advantages of database for organizations is providing central security, backup and restore, performance tuning and other vital signs monitor. If all the data is centrally stored in a well-designed database, then there would be no duplicated data and data is always consistent. Managers and business owners can start their analysis whenever they want, they no longer need to look for data, transform data, or validate data; the data is always ready to use.

Advantages of using database

  1. Data management system is needed for data access within the company

Modern database management systems are reliant on a programming dialect that is called organized inquiry dialect. This dialect is then used to access, refresh and erase information that are available inside its tables. The database frameworks additionally contain programs that incorporate Microsoft’s SQL server and the open source MySQL questions that empower outside projects to get to its information through SQL inquiries. For instance, a page can show data or information that incorporates item information and portrayal, photos and costs. This data is effortlessly accessible to the client effectively, when the web server programming is associated with the social database administration framework.

  1. It is needed to maintain strong relationships between data

One of the most important functions of relational database management systems programs is that it allows different data tables to relate to one another. At the point when a database contains data about representative information on its item deals in a single table and another table contain data one with deals worker information, at that point a social database will be flawless to deal with their connections in an efficient and straightforward style. This framework thusly can help mark supervisors to comprehend imperative measurements like which salesman can offer the most or which item is being sold by a specific sales representative.

  1. This system allows newer and better updates

A helpful and profitable database administration framework permits mark chiefs to enter fresher data as well as refresh the present data and furthermore erase data that they don’t require. For instance, when a sales representative can offer 1,000 units, at that point that individual can enter that exchange data in the social administration framework which can incorporate certain subtle elements like the individual’s name, client data alongside the item and number of items sold by the client. The social database administration framework will enter the new records and refresh all the required data, in this manner enabling brands to track and offer their items in a compelling manner.

  1. It helps brand managers to search data in a better manner

The database management system also allows brand managers to sustain and build their data over successive years. The various tables in the relational database management system allows brand managers to search through their entire system for a particular information. The company manager discovers any data that they require, utilizing a specific criterion. This is likewise accessible for clients who can scan for any component that they need including value, shading and brand. By putting away data in an anticipated and successive organization, it empowers clients to discover the data they require without hardly lifting a finger.

With so much data accessible for organizations, putting resources into a database administration framework is of basic significance for brands over all divisions and gatherings. Today, for all intents and purposes all organizations and brands keep running of database frameworks. These storage facility of composed data can assist brands with storing data of numerous sorts, which they can’t simply sort yet in addition make accessible at the snap of a mouse too. To put it plainly, database administration frameworks assist brands with tracking all aspects of their business in a quick, powerful, proficient and effective path than any time in recent memory.

  1. The use of database in departments

For example, an organization’s HR office utilizes the database to oversee representative records, appropriate legitimate data to workers and make updated employing recruitment reports. A manufacturer may utilize this sort of framework to monitor creation, stock and circulation. In the two situations, the database administration framework works to make a smoother and more sorted out workplace. Utilizing a HR database to oversee staff records can spare you time and cash. It can streamline the majority of the HR errands, mechanize routine employments and accelerate the handling of information, for example, staff hours, leave, benefits, finance, and so forth. This can abandon you more opportunity to center around developing your business.

logistics and warehouse department uses DBMS for managing inventory well can irregularly feel like a balancing act. It’s anything but difficult to have excessively – sitting on a rack gambling wastage, or too little – frustrating your clients and harming your notoriety. In case you’re following your stock physically, it’s likewise simple to miscalculate, make information passage mistakes or lose spreadsheets and notes. By utilizing a stock following database, particularly close by electronic information trade and scanner tag filtering, you can stay away from those dangers and limit lost deals while boosting your chances for development.

Finance department can benefit from DBMS by utilizing it in a bookkeeping data framework fundamentally tracks back and bookkeeping related exercises that are basically utilized for vital arranging and basic leadership. So in the event that we come by that essential depiction, it would fundamentally be sheltered to expect that there is a few information included that must be gathered and sorted out to hold great openness. This is the thing that a database stands and exists for. Corporate back groups have long outgrown the conventional jobs of just adjusting books and spending plans as they have gone up against more logical key administration assignments. Their experience and knowledge into the market and their organization give fund pioneers a beneficial position in seeing how best to direct the organization to develop and address new corporate difficulties.

At the point when every division has its own information composed, it very well may be joined across the board programming for better utilized called Enterprise resource Planning (ERP) programming institutionalizes, streamlines, and coordinates business forms crosswise over fund, HR, acquisition, conveyance, and different offices.

Shared Database

Usually, the software operates on an integrated software platform using common data definitions operating on a single database. The central feature of all ERP systems is a shared database (relational database) that supports multiple functions used by different business units. In practice, this means that employees in different divisions like accounting and sales can rely on the same information for their specific needs. ERP allows interconnection with databases (Microsoft SQL, Microsoft SQLite and Microsoft Access). It enables linking information management systems advanced such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, ABAS … and recycle the information in the system to expand project quality from reliable data that allow us to guarantee the development of more effective projects to improve the productivity of our engineering during the process of design.

  1. Planning for growth

Most business databases have some form of reporting competences – from investigating input data and productivity tracking, to anticipating future trends and customers’ needs. If you’re planning a strategy for growth, a robust database system can be your business’ most valuable resource.



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How Websites become the first choice on Google
17 Nov

How Websites become the first choice on Google

By: Vareen Azad, Date: 08/11/2018

Search engines take advantage of reverse broadcast networks to help save time and money. They are moment answer frameworks that give ultra-focused on publicizing. Numerous individuals think web indexes have a shrouded motivation. This basically isn’t valid. The objective of the search engine is to give brilliant substance to individuals looking through the Internet. Web search tools with the broadest conveyance arrange offer the most publicizing space. Google is viewed as the internet searcher with the best significance. Their advancements control the heft of web seeks. Specifically, Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to methods that help your website rank higher in organic (or “natural”) search results, thus making your website more visible to people who are looking for your invention or service with search engines.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is frequently about making little alterations to parts of your site. At the point when seen separately, these progressions may appear incremental enhancements, however when joined with different improvements, they could noticeably affect your site’s client experience and execution in natural indexed lists. You’re likely officially acquainted with a significant number of the subjects in this guide, since they’re basic elements for any page, however you may not be making the most out of them.

So, why is it important for your business‟ website to be listed on search engines?

On Google, there are more than 694,000 ventures search each second.  Consistently that your site isn’t recorded on Google, you are conceivably passing up hundreds, if not a huge number of chances for somebody to visit your site, read your substance, and possibly purchase your item or administration. Honing SEO rudiments, and additionally further developed procedures after those, can radically enhance your website’s capacity to rank in the web indexes and get found by your potential clients.

How Search Engines Work?

Search engines have one objective – to provide you with the most relevant results possible in relation to your search query. If the search engine is successful in providing you with information that meets your needs, then you are a happy searcher. And happy searchers are more likely to come back to the same search engine time and time again because they are getting the results they need. So the below figure is the process of the search engine optimization:

process of the search engine optimization

In order for a search engine to be able to display results when a user types in a query, they need a document of accessible data to look over. Each web crawler has exclusive techniques for social affair and organizing site content. Despite the particular strategies or techniques utilized, this procedure is called indexing. Search engines actually attempt to check the whole online universe and file all the data so they can indicate it to you when you enter a pursuit inquiry. How would they do it? Each web crawler has what are alluded to as bots, or crawlers, that always examine the web, ordering sites for substance and following connections on every page to different pages. On the off chance that your site has not been ordered, it is unthinkable for your site to show up in the indexed lists. Except if you are maintaining an obscure online business or endeavoring to swindle your way to the highest point of the internet search engine results page (SERP), chances are your website has already been indexed.

Getting on Google’s first search result Organically

There are some ways to get on the Google’s first search result, and one of them is the organic, or natural, method and they are

Website structure:

Having a good and organized structure while building your website will help users find the information they want in the quickest and simplest possible way, this is your main objective. There are some phrases that users normally search and every website must have them like:

  • About Us –A well designed about page that contains important and clear history about the company, business, person,…etc will help to improves the credibility and reliability of a web site.
  • Contact Page –contact information like email, phone, map and business address will help users to feel secure and trust more about the content.
  • Privacy Policy –Search engines, like Google, like it when websites have a privacy policy in place.
  • URL Structure:The arrangement of your permalinks should describe the basis of the content of each webpage.

Website content:

  1. Quality and Length of Your Page Content– developed website’s pages must be full of unique and useful information that will benefit your ideal customer. The longer the better, as long as it is high quality. The goal of google in providing search engine result is to show users the best and most relevant information according to what they are searching for. So creating quality content website means many different things to many different people, but there are some specific features that must be focused on and they are:
  • Adding value: Ensure the substance content of what you post is really helpful for your customers. This will likewise help create inbound connections, which thus will support your rankings in Google.
  • Growing readability. Ensure you’re utilizing right sentence structure and spelling. Figure out how to deliver content for the web, which implies short sections, short sentences, and heaps of blank area on the page.
  1. Avoid advertisements above the fold- One of Google’s most up to date activities needs to do with bringing down the rankings of destinations that utilization notices over the overlap. Except if you’re producing critical income from outsider promoting, this shouldn’t be an issue.
  2. Pictures: There is nothing more awful than arriving on a website page and being looked with heaps of content. Not exclusively are pictures an incredible method to separate segments of content, yet they likewise fill in as a chance to speak with the web indexes. Since web indexes can’t tell what an image is by checking it, they search for hints in two spots. Each image you transfer to your site will have a record name. At the point when the image is embedded on your site, the image’s record name really lives in your site’s sources code, or HTML. Since the web search tools filter your site’s code, you should utilize document names that depict the image. For instance, „red-sneakers velcro.jpg‟ is substantially more helpful than „pic12345.jpg‟. Furthermore, you can give the web indexes an additional hand by including alt labels on all photos on your site. Alt labels are short pieces of code that enable you to label every photograph on your site with a short content ad spot.
  3. Mobile Friendly Website– now a day most of individuals are currently utilizing cell phones to look for data on the web. So your site ought to be streamlined for cell phones and simple to explore so clients on any gadget can discover what they require rapidly and effortlessly.

A website which is mobile friendly is more likely to reach a better rank in Google. Google launched some search algorithms. Algorithms are computer programs that look for clues to give you back exactly what you want.” (Google InsideSearch “Algorithms”). The algorithm was aimed to give an improvement to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have an important influence in search results. Thus, users will find it easier to get appropriate, high quality search results that are adjusted for their devices.

Google algorithm’s update:


The official name of this algorithm is Panda which is published on February 24, 2011. The updated developed to decrease the occurrence of low-quality, thin content in the search results, and to return unique, compelling content in the search result.


Penguin lunched on April 24,2012 which was created for targeting link spam and manipulative link building practices and the objective was to down-rank sites whose links it deems manipulative. Since late 2016, Penguin has been part of Google’s core algorithm; unlike Panda, it works in real time.


Hummingbird algorithm lunched on August 22, 2013. It helps Google better interpret search queries and deliver results that match searcher intent.


Pigeon algorithm lunched on July 24, 2014 (US) and December 22, 2014 (UK, Canada, Australia). One of Google’s biggest-impact algorithm updates was implemented for the purpose of local search results, and local businesses normally saw the effects of the update in their website’s analytics data.


On April 21, 2015, Google lunched mobile-friendly update that guarantees mobile-friendly pages’ rank at the top of mobile search, while pages not enhanced for mobile are filtered out from the SERPs.


On October 26, 2015 google lunched RankBrain algorithm which is part of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm. It is used to sort live search results to help give users a best fit to their search query.


The Possum update lunched on September 1, 2016 ensured that local results vary more depending on the searcher’s location: the closer you are to a business’s address, the more likely you are to see it among local results. Possum also resulted in greater variety among results ranking for very similar queries, like “dentist denver” and “dentist denver co.” Interestingly, Possum also gave a boost to businesses located outside the physical city area.


Fred lunched on March 8, 2017. Which is the latest of Google’s updates, Fred aims websites that interrupt Google’s webmaster guidelines.

  1. Creating Backlinks: Backlinks creates when an external website links to yours. Many people goes into link acquisition before they’ve creating a strong foundation of their website. A well-optimized website makes your link building more effective. Link building strategy works for some aims like first emerged as a means of increasing your ranks and visibility in search engines results. Google takes two main things into account when dragging in pages for its search engine results pages (SERPs); the significance of a page to the query, and the authority of that page. It measures authority based on the types of sites linking to that page, as well as to the entire domain, so at the end, the more links that is provided in the website, the higher your pages are going to rank.
  1. Keywords in Page Content– while entering keywords to the search engine, google will search for these keywords and if your website has these key words in the text and titles of the pages, you will rank better for those keywords on googles search result. Write your content for humans, but do keep Google in mind. Don’t use too many keywords. When in hesitation, keep it natural sounding. If you’re going to accomplish the goal of getting to the top of Google, that goal wants to be within your reach in the first place. Therefore, you need to pick the right keywords.
    To find the best keyword for your business you have to understand exactly how keywords work, and how they will make back their money from local search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns. One of the most fundamental steps when starting your search engine optimization campaign, is finding targeted keywords that prospects will use when finding your local business online. In fact, if you were to add up all search engine traffic that comes from the most popular keywords, it would not even come close to the amount of traffic that comes from searches using those more unique queries. This is called the theory of the long-tail. So long-tail keywords are so effective because they target people who are looking to perform a specific action, like buy something, or looking for a specific piece of information, like a how-to or a service that can solve their problem. By choosing to optimize with long-tail keywords, you will find it easier to rank on the search engines, drive qualified traffic, and turn that traffic into leads and customers. So long tail keywords are gold. As the below chart shows that The page that sits in the first position for a search query gets 32.5% of all the clicks for that search. By Anything below 4th position and you’re below 10%. Which means that the page in first position will get five times more clicks as the one in 5th position. That means going after keywords with less competition can make up for a keyword having less overall search queries. That’s because you’re more likely to get more clicks from less competitive terms.

Search Result Position

Domain & URL

  1. Authority of Domain Name – The more you’ve claimed the domain, the better. The more pages of value content you have on your domain name, the better. Additionally, incorporate watchwords in your area name in the event that you can (despite the fact that Google says this does not specifically affect your rankings, it could help impact a client to tap on your site versus a competitor’s).
  2. Secure Pages – Your site pages should load by https so they are secure. Google, and ordinary people, as to see secure pages, regardless of whether you’re not preparing charge cards or acquiring individual data. In their Chrome program, Google is presently marking all pages that heap with a SSL as Not Secure. Try not to be one of these devious sites…get a SSL introduced by your web facilitating organization with the goal that every one of your page’s stack safely.
  3. URL Structure – If your page URL’s are human readable, that’s a good thing.


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GPS Tracking Business in Kurdistan Region, Iraq
03 Nov

GPS Tracking Business in Kurdistan Region, Iraq

By: Vareen Azad, Date: 01/11/2018

Tracking vehicles and tools with a GPS device gives fleet managers the chance to develop and improve their business while managing their drivers in the field. The development of GPS was in February 1978 by the United States government, though the history of its invention goes all the way back to the 1940s. the reason of inventing GPS was for military use, GPS tracking is now widely used for things like personal navigation and tracking, as well as for more complex commercial uses like mobile workforce management, asset tracking, and fleet management.

According to VC News Network 2018, The global positioning system (GPS) devices market is estimated to have a stable growth due to the approval of innovative technology across various sectors. The market is expected an assessment of $2.53 billion by 2023, at 11.9 % CAGR between 2017 and 2023 (forecast period).

GPS Tracking Device Market forecast 2016-2023

GPS Tracking Device Market forecast 2016-2023

In Kurdistan, GPS system is growing rapidly. Developers in Kurdistan specially in Erbil tried to improve the development of GPS as a function to allow companies who rely on transportation in their business to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs, providing 100% agreement with government legislation.

There are some few companies in Erbil that provide GPS service. Standing Tech company which is one of the leader in this business that can provide dedicated server for GPS Tracking Software so that assets of the companies will be separated from others for security reasons. Standing tech also implemented 1000 GPS tracking devices in different types of vehicles for different types of business including NGO, Food Distribution, Logistics, etc.

Companies in Iraq and Kurdistan Region mostly using GPS Tracking for Fleet management to track their vehicles and for managing drivers, this helps them to improve driver performance and prevent over-speed. Standing Tech company provides GPS service to benefit customers in many ways like:

Reducing Costs with GPS Tracking

saving businesses money is one of GPS tracking’s most powerful benefits. GPS tracking system can help fleet managers understand important savings across the board, including bargain fuel use, more precise payroll and reduce overtime by:

  • Updating dispatch by quickly locating the vehicle Limiting the personal works by the driver of company vehicles.
  • fuel cost reduction by up to 20% by refining dispatch and routing.

Opportunity identification

GPS tracking devices gives you the chance to identify opportunities to negotiate more savings for your business. You can reduce the operating cost by tracking the provided data that has been delivered by the GPS tracking devices without compromising your fleet’s capability to deliver excellent service. While tracking your vehicles by GPS tracking devices, you can feel assured that you’re making right decisions using dependable data and start focusing on earning new business.

Increasing Revenue

GPS tracking can increase your productivity by 10-20%. When it takes less time to reach a service call, businesses are able to answer more calls every day. And when a business provides fast, quality service, they can depend on more customer referrals that means more demand will be on the project. Also GPS tracking will reduce vehicle downtime and help to prevent costly maintenance, which will retain your drivers working, leading to more revenue for your business.

Reinforce Customer Satisfaction

Customers perceptive is very important in any part of any given business transaction on your operation, from order entry to delivery, communication and timing. Director gives you visibility at every level of the process to help prevent delays or errors to ensure a promising impression and repeat business and that’s by directly respond to customer requests with a precise location of drivers and vehicles and helping in guaranteeing productivity with visions into a driver’s progress on their trip and communication with drivers in real-time with two-way messaging

Having control on the drivers and vehicles

Usually, when drivers start their job, fleet owners had no idea what went on outside their office. And they don’t have the ability to locate the employee location at any given time or could managers ensure that employees only used vehicles for official uses.

Without the management guidance to employees, many employees are not as productive as they should be because unofficial side trips during working hours and unsuitable routing to job sites contribute to nonproductive time on the job.

 Security and real time reports

During the last 4 years, Iraqi people faced a lot of wars and insecurity as having a safe system will let people feel safe by real-time tracking that keeps you aware of your vehicle locations and status information, and historical tracking lets you view a complete history of all tracking sessions documented over time.

Compatible with mobile & screen devices


Because the technology is developing day after day in Iraq and people are using Smartphone and tablets are virally in use these days. Standing Tech company provides GPS system that has amazing features which is compatible mobile phones, tablets, desktop and is as easy to use like other applications on a mobile phone.

How GPS works in Iraq and Kurdistan?

The main functionality of a GPS tracking system derives from the use of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network. This network of satellites produces microwave signals which will be send to GPS devices. These devices can be found in vehicles or smartphones themselves for example. The information that is send from the vehicle and this information are location, route, speed and direction.

In respects to vehicle GPS tracking, or vehicle communication technology, these are the four parts of GPS routing:

How GPS Tracking Working

Vehicle tracking system is becoming important in large cities in Kurdistan and it is more secured than other systems and it can be control easily.

The vehicle can be turned off by only with a simple SMS but the use and development of GPS tracing in Kurdistan is slow due to some points like: the continues problems in political, social, and economic upheavals through 2014, including civil war and the propagation of terrorist attacks which lead to economic crises and raise in cost of assets.

Also while vehicles are moving across countries in Iraq specially Kurdistan, the technical struggles might arise when the line of sight is blocked by trees, not supporting signals or other forms of obstacles. This will lead to the blockage of the reception of these signals so the accuracy problems it’s probably because your location and operator will change and the antenna will have difficulty in picking up or maintaining satellite signal.

The ‘Canyon Effect’ refers to the technical issue which results when tall buildings block the reception of GPS signal. The time and position are calculated according to the time required for the reception of the signal. The transmission of the signal happens at a specific rate. The detectors in GPS units work with accuracy only up to a time-span of 10 nanoseconds. Put in terms of distance, this is about 3 meters. This is the maximum measure of accuracy offered by a standard GPS unit.

Another vital issue is the deviation between and the GPS receiver clock timing and the satellite timing which brings synchronicity to the worldwide GPS system. This causes the time to divert away from the real time. The usage of a highly precise atomic clock can cause the GPS units to become uneconomic. The solution is using Global Positioning Satellites to triangulate the position of the GPS tracking device and determine its exact location.

The difference between domestic and international tracking is not the tracking itself, which involves satellites, but the reporting, which utilizes cellular signals even having need special SIM Cards that the price is not cheap and it works by getting the tracker’s location by just texting the tracker’s sim card phone number from your cellphone number. For example, ping the GPS tracker the GPS tracker will reply to you after few seconds with the google map URL link to you by text, and you can click the link and get the location on the google map. In the development path of technology, nowadays in Kurdistan, many cellular phones have integrated GPS receivers and your smartphone is something that you most likely have on hand at all times. This means it is always available when you need it and you do not have to think about other options that’s why smartphone is a good, reliable option for routing your way through the city by foot or car.

There is also a variety of reliable apps available that are precisely designed for smartphone GPS tracking and for improving smartphone GPS accuracy. Using your smartphone and available smartphone apps is significantly cheaper than buying a new handheld GPS for Iraqi people.


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