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15 Jan

Marketing Plan For Web-Based ERP Software

4.0 Objectives and Issues

4.1 First-year objectives

  • The main objective is to increase market share so that %20 of market share will be controlled by this new product.
  • Increasing revenue by taking other opportunities that came with this product like: hosting and domain, website design, IT consultancy, etc; so that overall revenue will be increased by %40.
  • Taking the first position in the market by providing Web-based ERP in three major different versions and providing other customized versions.

4.2 Second-year objectives

· Decreasing development costs by solving all issues in first years so that for second year, the core of ERP contain all possible functionality that can be enabled easily without additional development effort so that profit will be increased, then, new versions will be offered to current customers, and to new customers with same price for increasing market share to %30.

· Increasing revenue to %50 by providing new other products and providing other services.

· Introducing new modules and futures for next generation for protecting market position.

4.3 Issues

· Because some other providers offering ERP and were in contract with their customers, competing with them can be done by offering better products in quality and with lower price, STANDING TECH. company tries to get some benefits of this product for long-term if became in very strong competition.

· Increasing market share require more effort by sending direct agents to some companies and by dedicating special budget for advertisements, finding customers and making using our products is not an easy task, we must provide more promotions for this purpose.

· Increasing marketing share require hiring new developers and support staff, sometimes, finding experienced employee is difficult so that training will be required for some employee to make them familiar with current products.

· Protecting market position requires a good business strategy to create customer-responsive culture in the organization, and then providing best products/services to current customers.

5.0 Product Strategy

Generally, this product developed for make STANDING TECH. Company in good position with competitors because the product can be used for both price-based and product-bade differentiations in competition, then, STANDING TECH. Company start justifying its position to be first aligned by offering this product in different forms (good-value pricing, segmented pricing) that targets largest possible customer and increase sales for quick grow in the market and also to create a good brand within customers.

5.1 Positioning

Web-based ERP with multi-language interface (RTL and LTR) is the first product in its category that can be used by small companies, medium companies, large companies, and also any small shops, supermarkets, or even individuals that can take the benefit of its efficiency for solving major problems that related to financial, accounting and any other business process.

Customers Products Differentiation
Individuals Financial Resource Management - Web based (Internet/Intranet)

- Cost effective

- RTL Interface

- Native UTF-8 Support

- Direct support on site by local experienced engineers

Small shops and markets Financial, Accounting, Customer, Supplier, Inventory, Point of sale
Small companies Financial, Accounting, Customer, Supplier, Inventory, Warehouse, Production, HR
Medium companies Financial, Accounting, Customer, Supplier, Inventory, Warehouse, Production, HR, and Production control
Large Companies All Enterprise and Corporate Business management modules

Table (2) Positioning

5.2 Product strategy

The product can be offered in different versions with different prices, offering one product with all customer requirements is not possible, usually; the product will be customized for customer’s request and specification; however, standard modules will remain unchanged approximately.

All modules of the software can also be offered for single use, Financial and Accounting modules can be offered only as package software, other modules that require a special customization will be offered with basic functionality without customized business workflow.

Generally, stable core modules can offered for each marketing segment with full responsibility of stability, integrity and flexibility of which the software can be changed and extended, after reaching 100 customer, STANDING TECH. Company incorporate all bugs and additional future that collected by support team to create another full-future version that includes all functionality.

5.3 Pricing strategy

Segmented Pricing strategy will be used for this product: (customer segment pricing and product version pricing) and considering some differences between small cities and large cities, for instance, customers in capital city are very difference with smaller cities, generally, customers in large cities are not very sensitive for price while customers in smaller cities are very sensitive for price, offered prices in smaller cities are one-half of prices in larger cities, this diversity in behavior require a segmented price strategy that can target most customers.

STANDING TECH. Company providing this product in different version with different prices, the prices not static because each request that specifies some futures and customization; require a new price estimate, generally, STANDING TECH. company offers all products under good-value strategy because the product of its nature requires less cost than all other products in the market, for example: this software not require a big server, a small server with average performance can be used even for small business, while, other products that requires a Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle, require very fast servers for good performance, this inherent cost-effective attribute will benefit the product to be offered as good-value product.

General Prices

Product Price
Open-Source ERP for developers - full future $5,000-$10,000
Open-Source ERP for developers - Basic Modules $3,000-$5,000
Closed-Source ERP - Full future $3,00-$10,000
Closed-source ERP - Basic Modules $500 - $5,000

Table (3) General Prices for the product

The price estimation based on future requirements that can be found by developers and project managers.

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