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Pharmacy Point of Sale System
برنامج نقاط البيع الكاشيرلالصیدلیة

STANDING Tech Company provides complete Point of Sale System that customized for Pharmacies and (Single or Chained Pharmacies). The software is Web based that can work online or online using Internet.

Main Modules for Pharmacy POS:

  1. Products Module: product name, scientific name, dozage types, category, sub-category, company name, product barcode (code, serial, or auto barcode), alert quantity, product notes, sales notes, product average cost (AVCOST), product profit, product price.
  2. Sales Module: Using customized, and easy Interface for Point of Sale and Professional sales. User can easily print invoices and send emails.
  3. Purchase Module: Adding Purchases to the system with ability to calculate AVCOST (Average Cost) and updating product price after that.
  4. Expense Module: Ability to add expenses to the system.
  5. System Customization: Categories, Warehouse branches or locations, currency, etc.
  6. Backup and restore: automatically save daily backup and user can restore backups for any given day.
  7. People Module: Includes Users, Customers, and Suppliers.


  1. Multi Currency: the POS system support USD and Iraqi Dinars (IQD) and calculate average cost according to USD then it converts to IQD according to USD rate that user can update it daily.
  2. Multi User: Admin can create unlimited user with different permission.
  3. Multi Warehouse.
  4. Chained Pharmacy.
  5. Online and Offline.
  6. Right To Left (RTL): our Point of Sale System supports Arabic and Kurdish Language.
  7. Responsive.
  8. MVC: the software built by Codeignitor using MVC Pattern.
  9. Open Source.
  10. Gift Cards
  11. Product Expiry.
  12. Overselling.
  13. Partial Payment (For Purchases and Sales).
  14. Barcode and Label printing.
  15. Sending Invoices and PO.


  1. Today Sales and Profit.
  2. Monthly Sales and Profit.
  3. Product Detailed reports (Quantity, Expiry, Cost, Sales).
  4. Supplier Report.
  5. Customer Report.
  6. Profit and Loss.
  7. Customized reports can also be integrated per user request.

Why Pharmacy Point of Sale System:

  • Pharmacy Point of Sale System: Improves your workflow and improves your business.
  • Pharmacy Point of Sale System: helps you to keep tracking record for top products and daily sales.
  • Pharmacy Point of Sale System: Improves Employee Performance using employee award points.
  • Pharmacy Point of Sale System: Let you Control Inventory to prepare purchase orders before time.
  • Pharmacy Point of Sale System: Helps you to Control cash (Receipts) accurately without any loss.
  • Pharmacy Point of Sale System: ensures less error in the Pharmacy and helps business owner to see real activities.

We can also integrate accounting software with current version, or any customization that you need.

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