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Why our POS System?

  1. Easy Installation: Our POS (Point of Sale) System can be installed easily that not requires any advanced skills.
  2. Easy of use: The GUI Interface for our POS (Point of Sale) System is modern and professional that helps every users to work on it efficiency.
  3. Online and Offline: The POS (Point of Sale) System can work offline (without Internet) and online (with Internet - Hosted Online).
  4. User Management: The POS (Point of Sale) System is designed for role based user access and management, top level roles and groups can manage low level users that fits in modern organization for keeping integrity.
  5. Backup and Restore: Our POS (Point of Sale) System provides easy backup and restore for files and database.
  6. Speed: The POS (Point of Sale) System is very fast when it's installed on average PC or Laptop, and its extremely fast when its installed in server!.
  7. Detailed Reports and Charts: The POS (Point of Sale) System provides detailed reports and charts that helps you to easily outcome managerial decisions according to critical analysis based on POS results.
  8. Sending Invoices: you can easily send your invoices to your customers just by few clicks!
  9. Partial Payments: You can add partial payments and then get detailed report about all partial payments and customers.
  10. Responsive and Clean GUI: Our  POS (Point of Sale) System is responsive that fits to screen for all devices (PC, Tablet, and Mobile).

POS Functionalities

  1. Products Module: Our POS system products module provides four types of products: standard products, digital products, service, and combo (multiple items) so that you can manage all types of products.
  2. Sales Module: The sales module is designed according to standards so that you can easily add more sales records and print invoices in few minutes.
  3. Individual POS Interface: Our POS system provides professional and modern POS interface for point of sales that simplifies sales operations. It includes all features that needed for modern POS system for all types of business.
  4. Quotation Module: In this module you can create quotations (presales offers) and then by one click it can be converted to invoice.
  5. Purchases and Expenses Module: In this module you can add purchase orders for products and automatically increases inventory for the products, you can also add expenses in this module.
  6. Inventory Transfers Module: In this module you can transfer items between different warehouses.
  7. People Module: You can manage people in this module such as: customers, suppliers, and POS users.
  8. Settings Module: In this module you can change all system settings according to your customization. You can also add categories and subcategories for your products for better management.
  9. Reports Module: Overview chart, Warehouse stock chart, Register report, Product quantity alerts, Product expiry alerts, Products report, Categories report, Daily sales, Monthly sales, Sales Report, Payments report, Profit and/or Loss report, Purchases report, Customers report, Suppliers report, Staff report.
  10. Gift Cards: Gift cards is also available in sales module, you can add gift cards easily and set their balances and expiry dates.
  11. Return Sales: Some times you need to return sales that sold by mistake or for any reason, Our POS system provides this function that you can return back item(s) and inverse sale operation.
  12. Different biller: you can attach biller name for each user or group in order to allow other partners to use your POS and print their names on the voucher.

Types of POS (point of sale) system

  • Pizza POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Fast Food POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Quick Service POS System
  • Restaurant POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Retail POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Bakery POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Android POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Mobile POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Wireless POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Hospitality POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Cloud-based POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Online POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Web Based POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • PHP MySQL POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Grocery POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • iPad POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Small Business POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Fashion Boutique POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Home and Lifestyle POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Health and Beauty POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Sports and Outdoor POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Food and Drink POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Coffee Shops POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Computer Shops POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Carwash POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Electronics Shop POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Books and Library POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Automative POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • CD and Digitam Media POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Manufactoring POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Industrial POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Car Parts POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Car Service POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Forniture POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Home and Kitchen POS (Point Of Sale) System
  • Mobile Shop POS (Point Of Sale) System

Other Advantages of Point of Sale Software

Multi User Level POS system

Our POS system designed for multi level users so that you can easily assign different roles to each users for example: user A can just add sales while user B can delete also.

Better Sales experience

Our Point of Sale system helps you to get better sales experience and improve sales operations. Then, you will boost your business at the end!

Manage your business in One Software

If you are a business manager and you want to manage all your business in one location, then you are in the right place because our Point of sale system designed for this purpose.

Point of Sale system (POS) Hardware

We provide High Quality Point of Sale system (POS) Hardware with 1 year guaranty, our products manufactured in Germany according to quality standards in European Union.

You will save time and money with our POS!

Our POS system designed to help you rich your target and also improves employee performance so that you will save time and money when using our POS system.

All in one POS System for better business

Our POS system contains all required modules for all types of business: Inventory, Invoice, Purchase, Customer, Supplier, Products, and Detailed reporting.