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15 Jan

Marketing Plan For Web-Based ERP Software

3.0 Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threat Analysis

3.1 Strengths

· Offering this new product with other products is a big challenge of STANDING TECH. company because current global market providing millions of software products that customer can get them easily through internet, our opportunity in current market is the result of hard-working and commitment to provide new creative software for complex problems, developing that kind of software also is a result of researches and developments by our software engineer staffs that supported by STANDING TECH. company’s resources.

· STANDING TECH. Company is able to response to market threads quickly, developers can quickly find new solutions for unexpected futures that might be requested by customers in this product, or any unexpected modules for special companies that require new development, and as general; we can quickly provide basic solutions for any problems that previously not happened.

· This product is unique in its category because it’s the first product that specially created for RTL languages with native support to handle UTF-8 data, additionally; it’s designed according to Software standards that can be offered to LTR languages internationally.

· This product can quickly be recognized as general platform for major business solution that takes the benefit of web-based coding and server-side scripting that not requires any client software to be installed so that its compatibility with all browsers and all operating systems is the completive advantage that provides long-run stability that can work on any network infrastructure.

· The above strengths leads to take greater market share and increasing STANDING TECH. Company popularity, so that we expect high sales and profit through different channels that growth STANDING TECH. company to next stage of its revolution in current market.

3.2 Weaknesses

· STANDING TECH. company is limited in its resources (budget, staff, office), this limitations prevents it grow quickly and might affect on its marketing strategy because more engineer and supports staff are required when sales rate increased so that high rate of sales of this product also came with disadvantage that STANDING TECH. company require to hire new staff because this product require advanced customization for different models of business.

· Providing standard software platforms for competing with international software is a business risk because distributing package software must be provided with high stability and cross-platform compatibility with continues development because each model of business might report different bugs and futures that must be solved on demand.

· Some customizations and new future might require weeks of hard-working by developers so that cost and expenses will be increased that affects the net-profit.

· Lack of key-developers and other staff in their working because of heavy workloads during first season of more requests by customers that might affect on some customers to terminate their contract and ignoring this product.

· STANDING TECH. Company depends highly on this product for opening new market channels, failing in this product will leads to fail in other channels.

3.3 Opportunities

· STANDING TECH. Company can provide new software for new solutions, continues investigations and research provides new opportunities to developed new products that not being offered in current market.

· New position: providing different versions of this new product and providing other different products will raise our position in the market, so that STANDING TECH. Company will go forward to growing according to increasing in its market share and in parallel with growing industry.

· This products is like a gate way that opens many doors for different channels of market, we expect big opportunity to provide new products of customers that using this product because this product is designed for highly competition that no-other similar product exist for this price that we offer.

· Becoming more popular in current market brings Volume license contracts that required by some medium and large companies for some special software, this opportunity is highly expected for governmental organizations in developing countries that most of them located in middle-east that using RTL languages that require UTF-8 supports.

3.4 Threats

· Competitor can easily take the ideas of this product and then by offering similar products will affect on our market negatively especially when customers of different companies requesting some futures that available in this product from their support companies because some customers paid and contracted with other provider and changing their provider is expensive and require to alter their old software.

· Providing open-source version is highly risky situation because even with protected materials and copyright law, overall idea and framework can be revealed so that some competitor might use some bugs against this product in some public online communities.

# Business Factors Wight

(1- Low, 5 high)



1 Consumers not willing to accept new idea quickly 3 70
2 Providing complex solution require a good branding position in the market 2 60
3 Innovation require Hiring new Software Engineers and developers 3 80
4 Developers not able to find new solutions quickly 4 50
5 Creating software module for business require more time than that customer expected 3 60
6 People not familiar to accept products that created by local developers 3 60
7 Consumers not familiar to use RTL interface and they not willing to use it as business standard 3 60
8 Consumers might request ERP developed in ASP and Microsoft frameworks. 4 60
9 Consumers not familiar with Web-based software 3 70
10 STANDING TECH. company not able to control market share quickly 3 60
11 STANDING TECH. company not able to grow quickly 3 60
12 STANDING TECH. Company lacks in budget and key staff during growing 4 70
13 International well known provider providing offering similar products so that impacts STANDING TECH. Company’s business 3 50
14 Heavy support-request by customers require more support desk staff 3 60
15 Competitors developing new Software before STANDING TECH. Company 4 70
16 Competitors developing same software 4 80
17 Competitors attacking marketing position of STANDING TECH. Company 3 60
18 Lacks in relation-ship with known politicians 4 60
19 Lacks to win governmental contracts 3 70
20 Lacks to distribute the software with retailers that just distributing other company’s products 2 60

Table (1) Business Factors with their affects and probabilities

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