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15 Jan

Marketing Plan For Web-Based ERP Software

2.2 Competitive review

Market position

Web-based ERP with different GUI and languages provides the first position in the market because no other similar products exist in the market share, so that it became the first product so that all competitive advantages can be used for advertisement programs and for competing with other software companies.


· First product in Right-to-Left language and Special GUI.

· Providing direct support in customers’ language.

· Ability to provide different versions with different price.

· Cost-effective according to other ERP products.

· Ability to provide long-term consumers’ demand.


· All versions require special request so that can’t be provided as direct download as full version: comparing to other similar products like Microsoft ERP for small business that can be downloaded with full functionality.

· Time: customization requires additional programming, more customization might require weeks of effort, some customer not interested in this point.

· Providers can easily take this idea and providing the same future to their customers so that they became direct competitor at this case, cost justification might became only way for competing with them.

Market share

According to the nature of ERP, market share can’t be estimated exactly because of online shopping that some companies can purchase ERP software without any publication, however, information can be gathered by asking popular programmers and software retailers.

This product can provide all demand of the market if all customers reached; increasing market share is not cheap because of expensive costs of advertisements, however, online advertisements will be used as main way for increasing sales.

2.3 Distribution

Generally, there are no legal retailers for distributing software; also, copyrighted software can’t be protected because the country‘s status is in developing so that most people are not familiar with copyright-protected software, by considering these issues, STANDING TECH. company uses direct selling strategy from its offices and also distributing software demonstrations instead of original versions.

The following channels will be used for distributing demonstration materials:

- Commercial retailers

- Small software shops

- Company’s offices and website for selling directly

The software is not designed for packaging; it’s designed for special use that not supporting Volume Licenses, also, it can’t be updated via internet, thus, distribution channels are limited to those issues that mentioned so that STANDING TECH. Company restricted to distribute the software via few limited trusted retailers if possible.

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