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12 Feb

Eight tips that enable you to apply simplicity theory in the design of websites

By: Bassel Tibi
Date: 12-Feb-20

In the past few years, web design in Erbil become trending and most companies depends on their websites to publish their products and services. Designing a web page has been affected by many different directions that are constantly changing, but there are many things that affect design and that cannot be eliminated with time, and one of these trends is Minimalism simplicity, That’s because this concept has always been very popular in various media over the ages.

We hear a lot of complaints from Internet users that some sites are very complex and difficult to deal with, which limits the user's interaction on the site. Simplicity in web design works to enhance the user's experience of the site, in addition to improving the general site shape.

In the world of simplicity, the principle of "least, best" is considered one of the most well-known principles, especially when applied to web design in the twenty-first century. Standing Tech company can provide and create an ideal user-friendly website relying on the following explained 8 amazing tips that enable you to apply simplicity theory in the design of websites.

Using Flat Design:

Flat Design, is a new trend in the world of web design, inspired by the physical simulation of skeuomorphism, as if we were designing a writing interface in a very similar way to a real notebook.

The flat design is characterized by its simplicity and avoids things that were considered aesthetic beforehand, such as the effects of three-dimensional, the use of shades and gradations. It depends on two or maximum 3 colors which are consistent and harmonious with each other.

Major companies have begun to go to flat designs such as Microsoft, Google and Apple, Apple has introduced a flat user interface design in the latest update ISO 7, and Microsoft has applied it to the new Windows 8 Metro interface.

You can see the magnificence of the flat design when you enter the official Microsoft website. You will notice that the icons and illustrations have a two-dimensional appearance, that is, without shadows and effects, in order to appear completely flat.

Use and distribute white spaces on your site's pages:

White spaces (also known as passive spaces) are those spaces that do not occupy space with an element as text, image or any visible element. These spaces are distributed in a coordinated and correct way that makes the design readable quickly and comfortably to the eye, and it is one of the basic criteria that make your design simple and elegant.

There is one of the major sites that use white spaces, but we aren’t recognizing it because we are using it constantly, this site is the famous Google search engine, which contains only a search rectangle and a group of links below it and a large white space, since the goal of the site is to search, these white spaces makes user focus only on the search bar. White space in the design is the backbone of Minimalism design and is one of the varied and effective tools that can add a special advantage to your design. When used well, these spaces can help to balance the design, and cancel the mess inside, so help the user to breath!

Stay away from unnecessary:

Think about what is important for the content you provide or the functionality of your site, then focus only on these things and try to eliminate anything else that does not directly relates to this content or this function.

Remember that these elements that you keep will affect the readability and usability of your site, so leave it only if necessary. In order to make sure that the people who visit your site perform a specific procedure that you have specified, such as an online purchase, a phone call, or filling a specific form, you have to reduce the options available to them so that their focus is on the service you provide, so reducing options and moving away from what is not necessary is another example of design simplicity.

One of the websites that take great advice in reducing options is Gengo, which offers professional translation services. If you look at the image below, you can see its landing page, see how simple site design and avoiding setting many options makes the user focus only on the service that the site provides and is writing or downloading text until it is translated. In this way, the Gengo site converts the site's users into customers who request the service, which increases the site's revenue.

Use large fonts:

If you really want to appreciate the concept of Simplicity in web design, you should look at Brian Danaher's website, who is an art director, painter and designer. As you can see, the site mainly depends on two things: large broad lines that help you to read easily and page layout that depends on a single-column layout, some people may consider that the design of this site is extremely simple, but it is It still accomplishes two very important goals:

  • Since the page layout is based on only one column, Brian is able to direct the user’s focus towards the goal that he has set for the site, who is Brian Danaher, and how people can communicate with him.
  • Brian succeeded in using the contrast in the colors of the lines and background, which gave the site a special and wonderful character.

Easy navigation:

Some people ignoring the navigation menu when designing their website, but it can have a big impact in adding a touch of simplicity to your website, the page list that is beautifully combined with the background of the site has a great importance in making the site characterized by simplicity.

If you look at the website of the photographer and designer Cristian Ordonez, you can see the simplicity of the browsing list used on the site and how it does not extend across the entire home page view but is designed in the right corner of the site. In addition, they are designed in a way that there are no sub menus so there are no different or additional layers for browsing. If you look closely, you will see that the menu colors are brilliantly combined with the background colors.

Use the colors to draw attention:

You can add some colors in some specific areas of your site, which makes the site to be characterized by simplicity in addition to that it becomes easy for the user to focus on the important things in any page of the site.

By adding some colors here and there on your site, you will draw the attention of users to specific important subjects. One of the websites that embodies this smart use of colors is the 960 Grid System, which works to organize the development of websites. You will immediately notice the use of the yellow color on the view demo, download links, and also the blue color will attract your attention in the Twitter logo on the left corner of the site, and that if you click on it will take you directly to the Twitter page of the designer and owner of the site.

Load Time:

How long does your site take to load?

If your site takes longer than ten seconds to load, most readers won’t stick around. Associated Press statistics show the average user’s attention span is decreasing, not increasing.

If you’ve forgotten to consider load time in your web design, you’ve forgotten a critical element of a user-friendly site.

What that means is that if you design a website that loads quickly, you’re probably giving your client an advantage over the competition. Who doesn’t want that for their clients?

Mobile Friendly:

The key to usability is how your website appears on mobile devices. A user-friendly website is a mobile-friendly website. Every website should have a site that appeals to mobile users.


If you apply all of the above the rules and advice well, then you will have applied the concept of simplicity carefully, which will help to increase the site’s revenues if you reduce the options in front of the user so that he can focus his attention on the service you offer. Standing Tech company with its professional team in Erbil can help you to create, design and serve your succeed website that will help you increase your revenue. In general, your simple design of the site will make it clean, neat and clean, thus making it easier to navigate the user. This is the biggest reason why you should use this new approach in designing your websites.

Internet connectivity in Erbil becoming stable and faster each year, and the technology trends in using Web Apps , web design becoming a major thing for each company.



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