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08 Jul

Trade Shows and Graphic Design: How Do They Relate?

Trade shows are great marketing venues for boosting brand identity and generating more leads. However, how you display your brand makes all the difference. You need to find ways of drawing people to the booth, and graphics are the best solution. However, graphics can also break or build your show, so you must be careful and ensure they are perfect. You need to have eye-catching graphics that will make your booth unique and draw the people’s attention to the event.

There is a strong and essential connection between graphic design and trade shows. Once you understand this connection and the importance of working on both of them, nothing can beat you in the trade show. You need to know how to design the booth with the best graphics so your booth will be unique and eye-catching.

The Connection Between Trade Shows and Graphics

Your graphic design determines the success of your trade show. It helps present your brand, logo, display products and pass a message to the people in the trade show. The graphics also represent your brand personality dictated through lighting, color, fonts, and other elements.

Tips for Designing the Graphics

When designing your graphics, you must first understand your goal and the message you want the attendees to get. After this, you will know how to make the design unique. Designing trade show displays takes time, but it is worthwhile. The following are vital elements you must focus on when designing graphics for your trade show displays.


Color is a crucial element when designing graphics. They reflect your brand and work together with other elements to pass a message about your brand. It will be a good idea to go with your brand’s theme colors but ensure they are bright enough.


There are numerous material options for trade show displays. If you want to pass a bold message, we advise going with vinyl materials because of their sleekness and glossiness. You can also use fabric materials for better presentation or tension materials because of their stretching properties. What we mean is that every material has its advantages.


The images also play a vital role in your graphic design. Graphic design is all about visuals. Therefore, ensure your images are easy to understand and deliver the message. Choose images that associate with your brand to make it easy for attendees to recognize you and make your exhibit stand out. Incorporate things like infographics and charts to make the graphics more illustrative. Great images easily capture the attention of the people passing by.


You must ensure your booth is well-lit so that people can easily and quickly notice the graphics. Choose your lights from the basic types, and don’t forget backlighting. The backlighting highlights the graphics while contributing to the rest of the visibility. You can also add accent lights to draw more attention to your area. The lighting you choose depends on the mood you want to create in your booth and your preference.

Key Takeaways

Graphic design is focal in trade shows and can make all the difference. Therefore, invest in the best graphic designs if you want to generate more leads and make your booth stand out. Consider the above elements to ensure you design perfect graphics for your trade show display.


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