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30 Apr

Concerned About Managing a Bunch of Documents - Here Is the Ultimate Solution

Why Is It Important To Manage Your Documents?

Nowadays documents are an important part of any business. If these documents are not managed properly, then it can be a big loss for any business.

The most important thing about managing your document is that you can get all your document in one place without searching here and there. This will save your time as well as energy. There are many other aspects of document management that you need to take care of.

The popularity of digital documents has been growing consistently over the years, and with the rise of social media, cloud computing, and mobility, our paperless lifestyle keeps on expanding.

Below are some benefits of managing your documents:

Organized Data: Documents management will make sure that you have all the data in an organized way and this will save you a lot of time which otherwise you have to spend searching for a particular document.

Back Up: With the help of this, you can get all your data backed up in the computer so that even if any physical document is lost or damaged then also you can get it back from the virtual copy.

Time-Saving: When you try to manage your documents by storing them in folders on your computer or server, you'll end up losing a lot of time just looking for the right file.

Document management solution allows you to find the files you need in a matter of seconds - just type in a keyword or two, and you'll see all relevant files pop up on your screen. You can also use metadata tags to make files easier to find.

Enhanced Productivity: With organized document management, you can collaborate on projects with your team members. You can share files with other users, leave comments on documents and track changes made by others.

In addition, you can set different access levels for users - some will be able to view documents only while others will have full editing rights.

Online Tools to Help With Document Management

Now that you have understood the multiple benefits of efficient document management, you must be wondering which online tools can help you with that. We’ve compiled a list of tools that can make document management a breeze for you. So without any further ado, let’s check them out!

1)  Zoho

Zoho Docs is a document management tool that lets you create, upload, edit, share, and organize all your documents in one centralized location. It offers you complete control over what you store, how you use it, who has access to it, and where your data goes.

It also works as an online file storage service that lets you manage all your documents from anywhere with just a browser or mobile app. You can access them anytime and on any device, collaborate with others, and easily share files with the right people.


Zoho Docs offers a range of features for document management. These include:

Security: You can set permissions for each user to ensure that the right users have access to the right files. You can also use versions to track and review changes to documents.

File Management: You can create folders, share files and folders with other users, edit files online or offline, save attachments from Zoho Mail directly to Zoho Docs, print documents from your browser, and download files as PDFs or in their original format.

Searching: You can search for specific files or folders by name. You can also search within a folder structure, text in documents, and more.

Collaboration: You can invite users to collaborate on documents by adding comments or sharing suggestions.

2)  Merge PDF

Merge PDF is an online tool that allows you to merge two or more PDF files into one file. This allows users to manage their documents better as it reduces the number of files that they need to manage.

The best part about using this tool for managing your online files is that it is free of cost and does not require any registration or sign-up process uses it. You can easily access it online by visiting their website.

Merging files will allow you to organize, manage and store your documents easily as well as save your time and effort.

Here’s what you need to know about the Merge PDF tool:

  • It is an online tool, which means it can be used on any device that has an internet connection.
  • Merge PDF is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Chrome OS.
  • It allows you to merge multiple files at once without having to upload each file individually.
  • It lets you choose files from your computer, Drop box, URL, and Google Drive.
  • The tool allows you to set the order of documents before you can merge them.
  • You can view each page of the document before downloading the merged version.

How It Works?

The process of merging files is simple - just drag and drop the files you want to be merged into a single document or upload them from your computer using the “Choose File” button.

Once the file has been uploaded successfully into the system, click on the “Merge Files” button located in the middle of your screen to start the merging process.

3)  Comodo Backup

Comodo Cloud Backup is a free online backup service that allows you to access your files from any of your devices. It is the best online backup solution when it comes to online document management.

Comodo Cloud Backup secures your documents online and ensures easy access to your documents from anywhere and anytime.

If you are a small business owner, you might not have a huge budget to allocate for document management. You might think that the only way to manage your documents is to use an expensive, complicated system that takes ages to learn. Well, that's where Comodo Backup comes in.

The program is designed to be simple and easy. For instance, if you want to back up a file, you just select the file or folder you want to back up and then click on "Back Up."

As for restoring it, select the backup file and click on "Restore."


Here are some features that you'll find useful:

Version Control: With version control, you can create multiple versions of your files, which means that even if one version becomes corrupted or changed accidentally, you can always go back to an earlier version of your documents.

Encryption: All online backups are encrypted with military-grade encryption. So even if someone finds out your password (which they shouldn't), they won't be able to access your documents because they will be encrypted.

Scheduling: Comodo Backup provides automatic online backups for all types of files including pictures, music, videos, spreadsheets, and more. You can schedule automatic backups so that you don't have to worry about backing up your files every day or week.

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