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07 Jul

5 Key Features of a Successful Mobile App

Using a custom mobile app to communicate with employees and customers can improve the bottom line for your business. A recent study found that 60 percent of mobile users are willing to provide personal information when they download fitness apps. In addition, young workers are more likely to read communications on their phones. And a recent survey found that small business owners saved five hours per week by using an app. Here are some more benefits of custom mobile application development.


During the initial stages of development, you must ensure that your app has a high quality and speed. Customers have their own preferences and are likely to want something unique in the form of an app. You should also plan the feedback cycle for your app to ensure that it is user-friendly. A comprehensive strategy should be in place before the application development process begins, so that you do not get stuck in the development phase or cause confusion within your team. By following a well-planned approach, you can expect to deploy your app faster.

Another factor to consider when hiring a custom mobile application development team is the speed of the project. In most cases, the faster the application development process, the more responsive your app will be. For example, 60% of mobile users expect a web page to load in three seconds or less. This is why custom mobile application development is important for your business. It enables you to stay ahead of the competition and stay relevant to your audience.

The difference between platform-based apps and custom mobile applications can be significant. The former tends to be created with pre-programmed modules that can be modified easily. Hence, you spend less money for future improvements. Furthermore, platform-based apps work with third-party applications and share common codes. These benefits make them more cost-effective as they can be modified in-house and are easily customizable. You can also benefit from the speed of platform-based application development.


One of the greatest advantages of custom mobile application development is the flexibility it provides. Unlike packaged applications, custom applications can be easily customized and modified to fit the needs of your business. Because they are created to your specifications, you can have full control over the application's features, code, design, and other elements. This way, you can easily make changes to your app and avoid paying licensing fees every month. Custom applications are also less expensive to develop.

When you choose a flexible app development platform, you can expand your target audience and build different versions of the application for different operating systems. With this type of development, you can start off with a limited audience and gradually expand to target the mass market. This is an advantage of custom mobile application development because it makes it easier to scale up and down as your business grows. You can also start small and build for a niche market, but as the number of users increases, you can expand your product's functionality and quality.

Another benefit of custom mobile application development is that you can add features that you might not have thought of using in your existing app. By integrating cloud services into your existing application, you can extend its capabilities and improve its usability. Similarly, advanced cloud-based services like push notifications, IBM Watson(r)-powered AI analytics, and Internet of Things smart device integration can add value to your application. But there are several things to consider when choosing the right platform for your project.

Good image resolution

High-resolution images are crucial for mobile devices. Images on your custom mobile application should be high enough to scale to a number of screen sizes. For instance, if your images are low-res, they would not compute at all on the iPad Pro, a 12.9-inch tablet. To achieve this, divide the size of your iPhone SE screen by the scale factor. Then, add the resulting number to the image filename in the asset catalog. Once the image file is there, you can add it to the layout.

Pixels are the smallest individual display elements. A single-color dot is one pixel. The resolution of an image is determined by how many pixels it contains. A 10x10-pixel image contains a grid of 10 pixels high and wide, totaling 100 pixels. Pixels are not the same as points, which measure the height of a font. One point is equal to 1/72 inch.


One of the security benefits of custom mobile app development is the ability to enhance the security levels of a business's application. This is especially useful for businesses who want to keep their data safe from cyberattacks. In addition to ensuring the privacy of personal information, custom apps can be designed to provide different levels of security, including encryption. Custom applications can also be designed to allow different levels of authentication, reducing the risk of data loss or theft.

In this day and age of big data, cybersecurity is a huge concern for businesses. The threat of data leakage threatens the growth of any company, and cybercriminals are continuously developing new ways to compromise data security. Custom applications are better able to protect business information than stock applications, especially those that require access to user data. These custom applications also come with features that help protect sensitive corporate information, including user accounts and mobile checkout.

Another benefit of custom mobile application development is the ability to collect more consumer data. Since these apps are designed with the API and OS requirements in mind, they can also integrate additional security measures and safeguard the information of users. Custom apps can also be designed to incorporate a monetization strategy, including the ability to sell a product, advertisement, subscriptions, and additional services. This type of application development can reduce overall costs while meeting the needs of users.

Employee Collaboration

Developing a custom mobile app for employee collaboration has several benefits. First, it streamlines communication by reducing errors and promoting employee engagement. Second, it saves businesses time and money by improving productivity and reducing mundane tasks. Finally, customized apps allow companies to get the most from their workforce, thereby increasing profitability. These are just a few of the benefits of custom mobile application development. Read on to learn more about how this type of technology can benefit your business.

According to a recent study, the use of apps to complete routine tasks saved small businesses more than six hours a week. Moreover, 82% of business owners said their custom mobile apps helped them generate additional revenues. These benefits of custom mobile app development have made them an attractive option for companies. But the question remains, how does it work? In short, it saves 7.5 hours per week per employee.

Custom mobile applications are focused on the business. Researches have shown that these applications increase productivity by up to 46%. And they are also employee-friendly. They help employees to collaborate more effectively and produce a higher quality output. If you want to improve employee collaboration, you must invest in custom mobile application development. So, let's learn more about these benefits. You'll be glad you did. And, in case you're still not convinced, here's how custom mobile applications can help.

What are the key features of mobile app?

While a mobile app's roots are in the traditional software development process, it differs in its purpose and design. Modern smartphones have many advanced features, including Bluetooth, NFC, gyroscopic sensors, GPS, cameras, and more. These features make them ideally suited for gaming and other multimedia applications. These features should be leveraged to the fullest extent. For example, a game-centric mobile app would use a lower-power graphics processor and a lesser number of features, but thanks to cloud computing and other innovations, this is becoming a standard feature for newer mobile games.

Moreover, the mobile app should be efficient and user-friendly. This efficiency must be ensured through regular testing. Testing allows developers to identify and fix any bugs and enhance the overall performance of the app. In addition, mobile app developers should regularly update their apps to reflect changes in technology. Native apps, for example, need to be updated for new mobile devices and OS platforms. This ensures that the apps run smoothly and perform well.

Apart from providing a quality app, custom mobile app development also allows for the deployment of an effective personalization strategy. The initial app development can be complemented with analytic tools for tracking customer preferences and making personalized offers. In this way, custom mobile app development can help businesses reduce their expenses while augmenting benefits and minimizing misfortunes. You can learn more about custom app development by reading this article!


Modern mobile application must be designed in the way that can notify user about important notifications such as transactional notifications, security, etc. Mobile Apps can integrate A2P Messaging services for sending messages, something like can be used for all A2P messaging to engage with customers.

Ending Lines

Custom mobile app development services allow companies to invest in new ideas and streamline their internal processes. The process of creating an app requires developers to take into account the screen size, hardware configuration, and software capabilities of mobile devices. Custom applications should be fast, have a clear interface, and work across multiple platforms. Here are some tips to make sure your custom app design stands out from the competition. Read on to learn more about the latest trends and best practices in mobile app development services.

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