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Kurdish Flag

This page dedicated for Kurdish Flag Designs, Standing Tech Company created standard Kurdish Flag according to (Dimension Standards of Kurdish Flag).

Kurdish Flag Dimensions

The width of the Kurdish Flag is (4.5 Units), and the Height is (3.0 Units).

Diameter of the Kurdish Flag star is (1.5 Units), Number of legs are (21), and Diameter of the inner circle of the star is 0.75 Unit.

The Kurdish Flag divided by 3 rectangles (Red, White, and Green), each rectangle is (Width: 4.5 Units x 1.0 Unit) that sorted from top respectively, so that they fill the total height of (3.0 Units).

Kurdish Flag Dimension
Kurdish Flag Dimension

Kurdish Flag Colors

Star: Gold      #FFD700
Top Rectangle: Red      #FF0000
Middle Rectangle: White      #FFFFFF
Bottom Rectangle:  Green      #008000


Standard Kurdish flag
Standard Kurdish flag

Standard Kurdish flag


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