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28 Sep

Tips on How to Motivate Your Team In 2021

Employees are the most important assets of the company. Without them, a company can’t function properly. It is important to motivate employees so that they can work to their full potential. Here are a few tips to encourage your hard-working team on a daily basis:

1.     Shut Up and Listen

Most leaders are full of enthusiasm and passion for their roles and full of ideas that propel success. Most of them are hugely experienced and qualify for their job position. However, whatever they do comes from a place of knowledge and understanding gained through experience. Still, some leaders might fall short in the ‘motivation’ department. They do not relate well with their teams, come across as arrogant, or are not a source of inspiration. If that is the case, how can they lead effectively? Such qualities are attained by learning how to shut up and listen to others.

2.     Give the Team a Return on Their Investment

When you have a team of people dedicated to supporting you to achieve the vision you have for your business services that is a precious gift. It is an invaluable investment. They are people who have committed their time and life to you, which is something priceless that they can never get back. However, you as their leader should also strive to give them a return on their investment. They have given you the captain seat and expect you to stir the ship in the right direction as they do all that necessary to ensure the boat stays afloat even during the storm. So, what return on investment will you give them that bears testament to your leadership qualities, your legacy?

3.     Strive To Gain Commitment

Commitment is an emotional construct that emanates from the heart, not the head. Therefore, commitment has little to do with your intellect. It is something that must be earned. To commit to someone or to gain theirs is subject to tapping into each other’s self-worth. It would be best if you put in a concerted effort and time to listen to your team to aid them in understanding and aligning to your strategic plan and what’s needed to deliver set objectives. TrackTime’s work schedule maker is the ideal tool to help you to allocate your resources in the best way to achieve results.

4.     Motivational Language

People are motivated differently based on their needs. Subsequently, we all respond differently to the same. Understanding motivational language is essential in influencing your team to commit to what they want to achieve.  The language of affiliation, achievement, and influence play a significant role in this, but you also should identify what works best for you as you develop your motivational language. It all starts from acknowledging that people respond differently to different motivational languages based on their needs.

5.     Face the Storm Head-On

At some point in your road to success, you will face a stumbling block. But what matters is how you rise to the challenge. Ignoring it does not make the situation any lesser or go away; thus, you can assume things and carry on as you were. The best strategy is to face the issue while trying to minimize the potential collateral damage. Think of it this way, ‘you are in charge of your destiny,’ so you should help your team view the adversities they encounter as opportunities.

6.     Mission and Purpose

Though you might have a mission and purpose, you enlisted the aid of others to help you achieve those objectives. Therefore, you should engage them in creating and ironing out your mission and purpose. It will not help everyone have clarity about what’s expected and be committed to achieving it. Share with your team the “what, why, and how of your business.” They are the elements that help drive better decision-making, enabling empowerment, and building self-worth.

7.     Do More Than Focusing On the Task

Keeping your eye on the price is an excellent motivator, but you need not focus entirely on the task or the approaching storm. As a leader, you are tasked with striving to achieve the objective, building your team, and developing each member. It can seem like a colossal undertaking that can also be distracting. Nevertheless, it is prudent to remember that you have a crew that’s committed to getting you through it to the other side.

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