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22 Sep

How Tech Helps Improve Senior Care

They say that technology exists to make lives easier.  Looking at how far technology has advanced; it is truly proving to make our lives not only easier but better. And when it comes to convenience, who else deserves the privilege of having it easier than our adorable grandmas and grandpas?

Technology might be as aggressive as its young and booming users, but it has never left the elderly behind. Here are some ways how technology has helped senior care improve:

Online Medical Consults

They say that as we age, we are more prone to experience different physical difficulties. Sometimes it would be hard for elders to get hospital visits urgently for these symptoms. It’s especially more difficult and riskier to visit hospitals with the present COVID situation. Most of the elderly just let their back pains and migraines or pains go untreated. But just because it's a fact of life doesn’t mean that they should endure these struggles.

Online medical consults help our senior citizens have the medical attention they need in the safety of their homes. There are medical-field-run tech corps that develop mobile apps that simplify the process of getting access to a licensed medical professional for their concerns. In this way, seniors won’t have to run to a doctor for a bad headache or a cramp that won’t go away. Online doctors would recommend if they would need to physically go to a hospital or if they can just prescribe some meds to help them feel better.

Health Monitoring

Let’s not move away from health just yet. “Prevention is better than cure.” It's an old saying but it’s a good one, and it’s one that most of our elders live by. Some senior citizens may need the online consultation less than others. This is simply because they are monitoring their health with technology.

The rise of fitness apps is undeniable. The market of these apps is wide from young adults to older generations. Some apps and devices monitor step count, pulse rates, water intake, and so much more. Technology helps senior citizens stay fit and healthy in a convenient and hassle-free way.

Groceries at their Doorsteps

There are times where seniors live on their own, especially when they become grandparents. Families typically love to visit each other and help out. But with the situation with the pandemic looming around, it’s best for them to be kept safe in their own houses. Independence would also mean the need to go out for basic necessities such as groceries, meds, and the likes.

Here’s where technology can save the day. Online shopping is not just for shoes and clothes, it’s also for food deliveries and grocery runs. There are even delivery apps for prescription medications now. Seniors can stay safe and still get their needs met with a few buttons. It can also help their guardians when they want to send something to their beloved senior family members.

Want to bring chicken soup to grandma but scared of carrying a virus to her? There’s an app for that. Take care of her from afar.

Video Calls and Texts

Our grandmas and grandpas deserve more care than just bringing them groceries, right? When we have provided them with their physical needs, it’s time to give them the love and attention they deserve. After all, mental health is just as important as physical health.

Distance has always been a problem for those who live away from their family. The problem is deeper and has become more difficult at the age of the pandemic. The lack of human connection can cause emotional stress and depression to the seniors. This can ultimately affect their physical health which might result in a drop in their immune system.

Lucky for us, we can check up on them and talk for hours through video calls and text messages. The convenience of being able to see them and talk to them helps us a lot in continuing to build a connection with them. Of course, this cannot replace actual personal interaction, but this is better than not being able to contact them right? And it surely gives our grandpas a smile. a surefire serotonin boost that strengthens their overall well-being.

Reminders and to do’s

Growing old also means having to remember more things: time for vitamins, exercise, and the next doctor’s appointment. But we all know that at a certain point it becomes harder for us to remember everything, and traditional notetaking sometimes just can’t keep up with quick changes.

It’s a good thing that mobile phones, laptops, and tablets automatically have a reminders application. Seniors can set reminders for the different things they have to accomplish. They can go on about their day not worrying too much about missing anything because their phones can remind them. It’s like a personal concierge for the elderly.

Entertainment and Continuous Cognitive Exercise

Despite the elders having to go easy on their physical ideas, they still have to find ways to exercise their minds. They have to keep their memory sharp and their reasoning on point. It can be boring to sit down all day once you finish today’s paper’s crossword puzzle.

It’s a good thing that app stores have games that are not only fun but are also great at sharpening their players' minds. You might catch your grandma being very invested in her online scrabble match, but that’s okay! It’s a good thing that she is entertained and that she is keeping her word ability sharp.

Things get a little harder when we grow old, which is why younger generations just can’t help but take care of their elders. It’s a good thing that technology is there to help us give them the best care we can provide for our seniors.

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