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01 Apr

5+ Benefits of Using an Online Text Editor

Most of the time, student’s assignments and other academic work get rejected due to some grammar and writing issues.

Students face these issues when they’re writing essays or research papers in a limited time.

To write error-free and effective content, students and other users can use multiple online text editing tools.

The main focus of the plain text editor is to provide error-free writing within the given time.

The free online text editor allows users to fix every mistake by providing the following amazing features:

  • Add numbered & bullet listings
  • Link inserting
  • Adding date & time in the written content
  • Inserting special characters and emoticons
  • Adding media files in the content
  • Finding and Replacing specific words in the content
  • Inserting tables in the content
  • Provides an option to save the written text


Many bloggers, writers, and businessmen use online text editor to quickly write and edit their important documents within no time. Blogger can also use different utilities or go for IT services to improve their website.

Further, in this article, we’ll talk about some of the best benefits of using an online word pad.

8 Benefits of using an Online Text Editor

1.   No need for Installation

Just like the other editing software, a plain text editor doesn’t require any installation process to edit the plain text.

Downloading and installing a software takes a lot of time whereas online text editors only just need an internet connection to edit the simple text.

2.   Paste or Write the Text

By using the free text editor, users can easily copy and paste the editable text into any app or document.

It also provides quick access for a user to modify the plain text in a shorter time.

These editors help several businessmen to quickly write and modify their important reports within a limited time.

3.   Adding Media Files

Users must have text editing software in their systems to add media files to the content.

But, by using the online plain text editing tools, users can quickly add the desired media files to the content within no time.

The editor also allows users to add numbered and bullet listings in the content to make content attractive and impressive.

4.   Quick Editing Features

Sometimes, a user spends several minutes simply formatting the document on the editing software.

This takes a lot of time and effort to edit the simple text within the given time.

The free plain text editors come with some amazing text modifying options.

It gives an option to insert a link into the anchor text and users can also add date, time, special characters, emoticons, and tables in the simple text.

Users can also add numbered or bullet listings in the content within a few seconds.

5.   Write something in a short time

The main advantage of an online text editor is that they help users to write error-free documents within no time.

It helps students to submit mistake-free assignments and other academic work within the given time.

Most of the editors come with a single toolbar including some limited features to quickly edit the written text.

6.   Easily Accessible on smart devices

The best thing about these online tools is that can be accessed from anywhere in the world just by having an internet connection.

They usually don’t have any device-based limitation and users can easily write and edit their important reports within no time.

7.   Downloading the Written Text

One of the best benefits of this online editor is that it helps users to download the result file directly into the system within a single click.

Most of them provide an option to download the result file in PDF or DOC form.

Online editors also allow users to copy the written text in real-time.

8.   Secure and Easy to Use

These editors are completely free and 100% secure to use for all editing purposes.

If a user knows the basic things of using online tools, then he/she can easily use them for simple texts in a short period.

Wrapping Up

Online text editors are faster to edit or modify plain text within the given time.

These editors don’t require any installation process to edit text online.

Users can directly paste or write the text into the editor to quickly modify reports and other important documents within no time.

Online plain text editors provide multiple quick editing features which save a lot of time for the users.

Users can easily download or save the edited file in their system just within a single click.

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