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21 Jan

What Is Developer Support In Salesforce?

Salesforce is a CRM platform that provides users with a range of tools and features. It allows organizations to leverage their business processes by optimizing their customer database and providing their clients with personalized services. Right from lead management to undertaking business analytics, Salesforce can be implemented to avail of a range of functionalities.

However, it is important for an organization to ensure that the platform is developed in a suitable manner. When it comes to setting up Salesforce and making technical changes in the same, organizations cannot afford to make the smallest mistakes. As almost every Salesforce process revolves around data management, inadequate development is likely to hamper the security and privacy of the valuable database.

This is the reason why organizations seek Salesforce developer support from experts.

What Do You Mean By Salesforce Developer Support?

As the name suggests, Salesforce developer support is an arm of Salesforce support services that deals with the technical management of the platform. It deals with aspects revolving around Salesforce development and data management such as third-party integrations, developing Salesforce tools, building applications, and much more.

An organization can obtain developer support from dedicated service providers who are specialized in the field and understand the specific objectives to be achieved by the company. These service providers offer proactive services to organizations as and when they need Salesforce support regarding development.

Salesforce Developer Support Services

Here are some of the major Salesforce developer support services availed of by organizations across the board:

Troubleshooting Issues

It is common for Salesforce users to encounter technical problems while carrying out specific processes. These issues often need to be fixed before things get worse and the security of the data gets affected.

When you seek Salesforce developer support, professional Salesforce developers help you troubleshoot a range of technical problems pertaining to your Salesforce org. Irrespective of the nature and complexity of the problem, the service providers provide you with personalized solutions by troubleshooting the problem effectively, right to the coding levels.

Undertaking System Upgrades

Thanks to digitization, new technological advancements and trends are introduced every now and then in the market. It is important for an organization to be in sync with these updates and adapt to the latest technological advancements to optimize their business processes and provide improved services to their customers.

Salesforce developer service providers help Salesforce users in undertaking system upgrades to keep their processes in sync with the latest technological advancements and stay ahead of the curve. Whether users need to upgrade to a new edition or make changes to the existing one, Salesforce developer support service providers understand the specific needs and requirements of the organization and help them carry out the upgrade in the best way possible.

Customizing The CRM Platform

Salesforce developer service providers help organizations in customizing their CRM platform according to their needs and preferences. As mentioned earlier, Salesforce provides users with a range of tools and features and it is important to choose the ones that are best suited for an organization.

When you avail of Salesforce developer support services, you can give a customized look to your CRM platform with the tools you need the most. When you customize Salesforce, you can personalize the services provided to your customers and obtain the desired results.

Undertaking Third-party Integrations

Although Salesforce provides users with enough features, you can further expand the functionality of the CRM platform by integrating it with suitable third-party platforms. On seeking reliable Salesforce developer support, dedicated Salesforce professionals help you in integrating your Salesforce data with that of a third-party application to provide users with a seamless UI.

With Salesforce integration, you can provide your team with an ideal combination of features offered by Salesforce and the platform you integrate it with. This prevents Salesforce users from switching platforms while carrying out specific business processes. A single unified platform can be used for undertaking a range of tasks without the need for manually reconciling data between the two platforms.

Salesforce Developer Support Stages

Although the approach followed by every service provider is different, here are the three major Salesforce developer support stages a service provider takes you through when you seek their services:

Planning And Analysis

The services start when the developer support service providers analyze your specific requirements and chart out a thorough implementation plan. Here, an initial meeting is held between the service provider and the concerned organization for the professionals to get well-versed with the objectives to be achieved.

The service providers analyze the CRM platform in operation and look for vulnerabilities, loopholes, and other technical issues that need to be resolved. This helps developers create an extensive plan and set a timeline to execute the same.

Executing Services

Once the plan is in place and all the objectives are clearly defined, the Salesforce developer support service providers would start executing their services. Thanks to Salesforce being a cloud-based platform, these services can be availed of remotely. Instead of having to hire full-time developers or calling them on-premise, these services can be provided by Salesforce professionals located anywhere in the world.

This is the core of the Salesforce support provided by dedicated professionals. While the services are being provided, the professionals would provide you with regular updates about the work done, the results obtained, and the tasks due. The service providers also ensure that utmost transparency is maintained throughout the course of the services provided.

Feedback And Suggesting Changes

Once the task is completed and the support is provided, the service providers would provide you with honest and unbiased feedback about your CRM platform. Also, they would suggest changes that you should make to enhance the overall functionality of the platform.

The Final Word

Developer support in Salesforce is important for an organization to obtain round-the-clock support from dedicated professionals to deal with the technical matters of the CRM platform. It allows users to implement the tools that best suit the organization and upgrade the platform to meet the latest standards.

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