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Standing Tech Company For Information Technology Services and Solutions provides wide range of professional IT Services in Erbil, Kurdistan Region and Iraq. We are providing Information Security Services (IT Security) among all of our IT Services to our clients.

Our Information Security Services includes:

  • Creating Information Security management program according to organization nature and business requirements.
  • Creating IT Security Policies.
  • Creating IT Security Risk Analysis and Assessment.
  • Implementing Centralized Firewall and applying rules that matches organization policies.
  • Implementing Centralized Antivirus and Internet Security for clients and servers with centralized policy that fits work environment.
  • Securing Network Infrastructure.
  • Securing Hosts.
  • Securing Software Applications.
  • Securing Databases.
  • Applying Password Policies for users and administrators.

Special Security Tasks

  • Securing Windows Operating Systems (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 2016).
  • Securing Linux or Unix based Operating Systems.
  • Securing Application servers (Apache, Nginx, IIS).
  • Securing Email Server (Spam Protection).
  • Securing Websites.

We are also expert in finding vulnerabilities and providing fix for each of them, please call us for consulting with our Security expert.

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